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Contacting office furniture liquidators is an excellent method of getting rid of your unused or pre-owned office furniture. At the same time, you will use the opportunity to save money on high-quality furniture pieces. If you are closing up your business, this can also serve as a way for you to raise money. For this reason, it is important to find reputable office furniture liquidators Houston when setting up or clearing out your office space in Houston, TX.

How Office Liquidators Work

A reliable and reputable office liquidator will carry out a detailed evaluation of your used office furniture. This is entirely different from taking a look and giving you an estimated quote. If the office furniture liquidation company gives you an impression that your pieces do not have any value, simply look for a liquidation professional.

The professional will take the time to check out your office furniture and consider other important factors. With this, the professional will be able to come up with an ideal quote. Below are a couple of facts and details that the majority of professional office furniture liquidators usually check for:

Manufacturer of the Furniture:

The professional liquidator will check out the manufacturer of your furniture. If your pieces are manufactured by a well-known furniture manufacturer, you can expect them to command a significant value.

Age and Condition of the Furniture:

In addition, professional liquidators all check the age and condition of the office furniture. The newer the pieces, the higher their value. However, furniture pieces of about ten years old that are still in good condition will command a higher value than five-year-old furniture pieces that show evidence of wear and tear, even if it is a slight one.

Color of the Furniture:

The color of your office furniture is also important when determining the value. The values of a rich earth-toned piece will be higher than pink desks.

Size of the Furniture:

Another factor that is often considered when determining the value of your office furniture is the size. Although, there is a higher preference for smaller pieces on the market. Hence, expect your smaller pieces to command a higher value compared with the larger ones.

Quantity of the Furniture:

The quantity of office furniture you are trying to dispose of also plays a huge role in determining the value. Some office furniture liquidators prefer to work for businesses that are selling more pieces.

Once the pieces have been evaluated, the office furniture liquidation company will begin to include resale value into the whole project. Other additional costs including cost of labor, removal, loading, trucking, and storage will be deducted from the resale value. Once the figures have been deducted, the office furniture liquidation company will evaluate the profit percentage that will cover the business cost. About 20 percent is often maintained. Anything left after the entire calculations and subtractions will be the real value of your office furniture.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the primary responsibility of professional office furniture liquidators is to help clients dispose pre-owned or used office pieces at the best resale value. However, if your furniture pieces cannot be resold, the liquidation company should provide you with other disposal alternatives. Some possible options include:

  • The liquidator can connect you with a local charity that needs what you are trying to dispose of.
  • The liquidator can help sell as scrap or recycle the pieces.
  • The liquidator can help you to dispose of your pieces in the most sustainable or eco-friendly way. This is a safe option as it helps prevent environmental pollution.
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How to Get the Most Out of Office Furniture Liquidation Companies

The sole aim of every office furniture liquidator in Houston is to make money. As a result, do not expect any of these office furniture liquidation businesses to forward you down payments for the office furniture you are trying to dispose of. They can be really shrewd though. Hence, it is essential that you have a clear idea of how they work. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the office furniture liquidation company:

Check Your Furniture Pieces

Before you deal with any office furniture liquidation company, try as much as possible to check your office furniture pieces. Ensure that your furniture pieces are in excellent condition. With this, you will be positive about the entire liquidation process. In case the office furniture liquidator tells you that your pieces are not good for resale, you can confidently find another liquidation since your pieces are in good condition.

Choose a Reputable Liquidation Company

In addition, ensure that you are hiring the expertise of a reputable, trustworthy, and reliable liquidation company. Although, there are smaller liquidation companies who are doing excellent and transparent business. However, it is still safer to choose a trusted name. It may not be easy to find a reputable name. Check out online reviews, ratings, and forums. You can also ask around. With this, you are sure that your pre-owned pieces are in reliable and competent hands.

Research about the Office Furniture Liquidation Company

After filtering out your options, the next thing to do is to research the liquidation company you have chosen. For a start, you can check out the company’s website. This will provide you with the necessary details about the company.

The website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The website must also have the following pages: Homepage, About Us, Contact Us, Products, Services, and Testimonials. Never miss the testimonials, these will give you a good glimpse at how the company served its previous customers.

In addition, you should find the contact details on the website. Call their contact number and observe their response. The quickness (or slowness) of the response will give you an idea of their customer service. The customer representative should be able to provide a suitable answer to your questions and concerns. If you are not satisfied, simply check out the other office furniture liquidators Houston on your list.

How to Find the Best Office Furniture Deals through Office Liquidators:

 Check If the Company Has Strong Business Connections

Having a strong business connection shows how reputable a company is. Check if the liquidation company has a strong business connection or network with furniture manufacturers and bigger businesses in your community. This shows that the liquidation company is a reputable name in the office furniture acquisition business.

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