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Getting in touch with office furniture liquidators is one ideal way of saving money on high quality furniture pieces. At the same time, it is also the most common means of raising money if you are closing up your business. So, if you are either setting up or clearing out an office, finding a reputable office furniture liquidators specialist should be among your first moves.

How Office Liquidators Work

A good and reputable office liquidator will work at evaluating your used pieces. He will not just take a look and give you a quote. If a liquidator says that your pieces are of no value, look for an expert. You need to find someone that would really spend time at looking for significant factors before coming up with a conclusion.

The following are some facts and details that professional office furniture liquidators look for:

  1. Furniture manufacturer – if your pieces are made by a known furniture manufacturer, you can expect to get a nice value.
  2. Age and condition – of course, the newer the pieces the higher value they get. But if your ten-year old office furniture pieces are still in good condition, they may get valued just as much as five-years old pieces with slight evidence of wear and tear.
  3. Color – you may think color is not important with office furniture, but if you are getting rid of a pink desk and a rich earth toned piece, expect higher value for the latter.
  4. Size – you may think that the larger the piece, the higher the value, right? Wrong. Today’s office furnishing needs are more into minimalism, thus smaller is better.
  5. Quantity – sometimes, office furniture liquidators like working for people selling more pieces.

After the evaluation process, office furniture liquidators will start putting numbers (resale value) into the whole project. From this resale value, labor cost for disassembly, removal, loading, trucking and storage will be deducted. Once the figures have been subtracted, the office liquidators will evaluate the profit percentage for covering business cost. They usually maintain about 20 percent and what’s left will be the true value of the pieces.

It is vital to understand that the first order of business of professional office furniture liquidators is helping their clients in disposing pre-owned pieces in a way that will result in the best resale value. But, in case your furniture pieces turn out to be non-resalable, they should be able to provide you with other options like: connecting you with a local charity that needs what you are getting rid of; help you try to scrap or recycle the pieces; assist you in disposing your pieces in the most sustainable (eco-friendly) way.

How to Get the Most out of Office Furniture Liquidation Companies :

  • Office furniture liquidators are in business to earn; thus, you should not expect them to just hand you down payments for the pieces that you wish to discard. They can be very shrewd though, so you must make sure that you have a clear idea of how they work.
  • Your first move should be to check your furniture pieces. Making sure that they are in good condition is one good way of being positive about the whole liquidation process. If the liquidator says that your pieces are not good for resale, then you can be confident in finding another (as you already know that you are getting rid of good pieces).
  • Always go for a reputable and well-recognized company name. Though, there are small liquidation companies that are doing good and honest business, it is still safer to choose a name that you can trust. Finding a reputable name is easy. Check out online reviews, ratings and forums. You can also ask around.
  • Once you have filtered out your options, it is a good idea to know more about the company you have chosen. Checking out their website is a good start. Ease of navigation means that the company is focused on pleasing their clients. The website should have the required pages (Homepage, About Us, Contact Us, Products, Services, and Testimonials). Never miss the testimonials, these will give you a good glimpse at how the company served its previous customers.
  • Call their contact number, the quickness (or slowness) of the response will tell you right away if they offer good customer service. They should also be able to answer your queries regarding their products or services. Otherwise, move on to the next company on the list.

How to Find the Best Office Furniture Deals through Office Liquidators :

  • Now, if you are looking for affordable and high quality office furniture, going for a liquidator is a good way to go. There are several furniture liquidation companies out there and your best bet is to look for those specializing with office furnishings.
  • Searching online is one of the fastest ways of finding furniture liquidators. Using your local area as part of the search keywords will give you a god list of liquidation companies located within your community or near your business headquarter.
  • Just like when looking for liquidators to help in reselling furniture, you should also check out the company’s profile. At the same time, know more about the products and services though testimonials and reviews.
  • Another good move is to see if the company has a strong business connection with furniture manufacturers and big businesses in your community. This is to show if the liquidation business is really a reputable name in office furniture acquisition business.

Some office furniture liquidators offer both new and used pieces. You may want to go for this kind of company, as you may find that there are some pieces that may serve your business better if acquired brand new.

All in all, whether you are trying to dispose of your used office furniture or trying to acquire affordable pieces, dealing with reliable and reputable office liquidators is a good way to go. The best thing to keep in mind is to try not to get confused with the numerous choices for office furniture liquidators.

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