Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Clear Choice Office Solutions Environmental Policy

In all our activities at Clear Choice Office Solutions we are committed to providing quality services to clients while in the process ensuring “Environmental Care” is adhered to. We are an environmentally-friendly company which highly upholds and embraces workable solutions towards a clean and green environment. Our commitment is steadfast and we understand the dire effects of environmental pollution and mismanagement of natural resources. That is why in all our business activities we ensure we embrace processes that are environmentally-friendly and this is extended to all the aspects of our business, including; Operations, Customer Service, Finance, and Human Resources.

Office Furniture Liquidators and Offer Furniture Recycling Services

Clear Choice Office Solutions is one of the most reputed office furniture liquidators that offer furniture recycling services. We are an environmentally-friendly supplier of office furniture and all our business efforts are carried out with the environment in mind. All our staff and business partners are informed about the policy and measures have been put in place so as to ensure it is implemented in all aspects of our business.

In our effort towards ensuring a sustainable and clean environment, we are guided by the following;

  1. Commitment to an ongoing effort towards environmental improvement and prevention of pollution.
  2. Adherence to relevant legislation, policies, and other requirements that touch on the environmental aspects of Clear Choice Office Solutions.
  3. Continually monitor our performance to ensure it is in line with our environmental objectives, supported by well-set and measurable targets. All of these are aimed at reducing environmental impact, ensuring sustainability, managing risk, and meeting the needs of our clients as well as stakeholders.
  4. Ensure all our staff are competent on aspects of environmental care by involving them in all our efforts towards a cleaner environment. Furthermore, conduct regular training so as to ensure they are capable of carrying out their duties competently and responsibly.
  5. Be proactive in seeking and implementing methods that eliminate pollution. Furthermore, ensure we are up-to-date on key aspects of sustainable methods of environmental care.
  6. Reduce substantially the use of natural resources and maximize the use of reused and recycled materials in all departments within of our organization. Further to this, be committed to “going green” as an institution and lead as an example in such an endeavor.
  7. Dispose all waste in a manner that is environmentally-friendly and is in line with the set legislative obligations and requirements of our stakeholders.

The management of Clear Choice Office Solutions is totally committed to this policy and our policy is available for access to the public upon request within our website. We inform all our employees and sub-contractors who work on our behalf about our policy and it is available on notice boards at our main office. Strict and clear measures have been put in place within our organization so as to ensure employees at all levels carry out their duties in accordance with the policy. It is also expected that all our employees cooperate in company efforts towards improving Environmental Performance.

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