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There is nothing wrong with embracing an office culture that upholds traditional values and virtues, but if your office design for your Office Furniture La Marque is still traditional then there is a big problem. You are just missing out a great deal. Thanks for the many innovative ideas that have transformed the traditional office; all of us can now have the best designs without running dry the bank account. In fact there are so many office furniture options such as used, refurbished, or remanufactured furniture. You can also buy used cubicles and designs an office that was beyond reach during the old days. If your business is stuck with a traditional office then you can actually transform it without spending too much. Some simple ideas can actually change your office into the most appealing and comfortable.

Office Furniture La Marque

The Traditional Office is Costing You

Let us face it; no one has ever been comfortable with change even though it has always been the only sure thing. Therefore, it is normal to desire to still stick around with a traditional office design. There is completely nothing wrong with that but ones you know how much this good-looking office, you abandon it and never go back.

Some of the problems with the traditional office;

  • You are abusing space-in today’s economy space is one of the most expensive investments for any business. We are all striving to make the best of every square foot at our disposal. Instead of utilizing this space, the traditional office wastes it. Individual workstations, traditional office layouts, office furniture and cubicle designs utilizes 25% more space when compared to modern office designs.
  • Privacy and Cocoon brooding- the traditional office design encourages solitude and privacy unlike modern office designs where collaboration and communication are essential. You cannot progress and stay healthy if you are left to operate on your own like a robot programmed for a specific task in office furniture. In this modern world business compete and innovate and that is attainable through team interaction and collaboration. The modern office makes it possible for employee to interact and collaborate at all levels. There are no barriers between superiors and juniors and open communication is encouraged.
  • Poor Connectivity-the traditional office is limited when it comes to technological equipment. A modern design caters for all office equipment such as printers, PCs, laptops, scanner, storage cabinets, phone extension, and many others. The wire connectivity is also secure since all components are considered during the office layout and office furniture planning process.

Spice up your Office Space for Office Furniture La Marque

A modern design is the best choice for your La Marque office. It overcomes all the drawbacks associated with a traditional office. If you are quite curtailed in terms of finances, then a little transformation can add some value and elegance to your office. Here are some helpful tips for transforming your traditional office;

  1. Freshen up your office space-you can use a new coat of paint to add an aesthetic value to your company image. Try to use colors that blend with your brand. Accent colors are particularly ideal to tie complement your brand.
  2. Add some energy into your company logo-you can utilize modern graphics to make the best of your company logo. Choose a prominent location for your logo and tie colors together with the space. Ensure the logo signals to clients and guests who exactly you are.
  3. Buy Freestanding or Collaborative Office furniture-the modern office is all about team work and collaboration. Therefore, a simple addition of freestanding or collaborative furniture clearly suggests to your employees that you are committed to encouraging collaborative work. You should also ensure brighter colors, fabrics, and prints are utilized in all office furniture and office space. This will add life to a boring traditional space. You should also encourage staff to engage in regular huddles or short meetings so as to break walls. This allows staff to be free with one another.
  4. Invest in ergonomic office furniture-traditional furniture options tend to be rigid and unhealthy for employees. Get rid of such furniture and procure ergonomic furniture. You can hire an office furniture expert such as Clear Choice Office Solutions to make this process easy. Clear Choice sells new, used, recycled, and refurbished furniture for an office. You can get affordable ergonomic furniture options when you buy from an expert.
  5. Innovative presentation tools-new technological gadgets for presentation can make life easy in the office. Invest in software and presentation tools that encourage collaboration. This will make information sharing easy and contribute to greater profits in your business.
  6. Eliminate walls-instead of wooden or brick walls, use glass walls since they are appealing and look more professional. If employees feel their privacy is compromised then use films on the glass so as to make it opaque.
  7. Update old carpets-instead of using an old and ragged carpet, choose a carpet that will rejuvenate your office space. Choose a well-balanced color selection. You can use grays and bright accent colors for defining and livening spaces. Alternatively, wooden floors and polished cement can be utilized to give an updated urban feel to your office.
  8. Back painted glasses-this can be used as marker boards during team meetings and brainstorming sessions. It helps encourage a team spirit and collaboration among employees. You should also provide working markers and erasers to make it possible for staff to come up with and share ideas.
  9. Lighting-check out office lighting and ensure it accentuates the office space. Sufficient natural light should be allowed into the room since it promotes concentration and increased employee productivity. You should also replace poor lamps with task lighting. You should also go for automatic lights since it saves energy.

Add some life and energy into a traditional office for Office Furniture La Marque. You can employ some simple techniques and transform an office into a modern and professional office. At Clear Choice Office Solutions we focus in the supply of office furniture and the design of modern space plans. We supply new, used, recycled, and refurbished furniture. To know more about us, visit

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