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It is always important to know which type of office to go for when considering Office Furniture Humble. The debate on whether the traditional office still makes sense has been going on for years and it seems it will not end anytime soon. The traditional office has reigned as the king of design for years until the last few years when the open-office came into the picture. The open office particularly brought the notion that collaboration, creativity, productivity, and employee wellness would be greatly enhanced when this type of office is adopted. Unfortunately, this is actually not the reality on the ground. Most of those that adopted an office did not get the results they hoped for. Then the virtual office came into the picture, a good choice, one that eliminates the need to invest in office furniture and other office utilities. With these a given, does that mean that the traditional office is losing it out? We shall find out.

The modern technology has completely transformed the working environment and this has brought some benefits as well as disadvantages. In some firms employees show up and leave as they wish. Others do not see the need to wear official outfit to the office but instead they wear what they want and work from where they please. There is also a decline in the number of employees who travel to the office. All these seem exciting, but does it really make sense for a business to take the virtual route?

What is Traditional Office?

The traditional office refers to an office space with all required office furniture and office utilities to allow employees congregate from 9am to 5pm, every week and work towards a common goal. The employee will spend most of his or her time in the office, much more than the time spent will family and friends.

If the statistics are anything to go buy then it is a guarantee that by the year 2020, over 40% of the American workforce will be working as freelancers, independent contractors, or temporary employees. As this happens it is anticipated that the traditional office shall become less relevant by this time.

 Office Furniture Humble

Why some still stick with Traditional Space for Office Furniture Humble?

Despite the rise in movement towards the virtual work and co-worker office space, most organizations are still stuck with the traditional office setting. These are some of the reasons why the traditional office still appeals to most firms;

  1. The traditional office setting has worked profitably for years and those that articulate the need for work-from-home offices are undermining this. It is only possible to manage staff and take full charge of the firm’s profits when all employees work within a set office space. Anything that disorganizes this will affect the organization’s profits.
  2. The traditional office setting is the most secure and sustainable. It makes it possible for an organization to take good care of employee welfare and safety. Those that adopt virtual offices, home offices, or co-worker spaces cannot be in full control of their employee welfare and security. If anything happens, the employee is held responsible for his or her own welfare. The traditional space allows for full control. The management can procure ergonomic office furniture which is comfortable and healthy to use. It can also secure all entrances from intruders and offer other security measures as well.
  3. Productivity goes downhill in a way when employees are given full control of their work schedule. They choose when, how, or where to work and this might impact productivity. Not all staff is disciplined and that means a virtual office, home office, or co-worker spaces encourage rebellion, lack of responsibility, and laziness among some employees. Traditional office setting allows superiors to monitor employees and ensure organization goals are attained.
  4. A sense of togetherness and in-house collaboration is lost when employees work independently and away from the team. The business is also forced to invest in expensive gadgets for communicating such as ipads, costly smartphones, expensive software, and many others. A physical space does not require all these and customers can come directly to the office whenever they need assistance. This saves time and money. The firm can even invest in good quality and affordable office furniture such as used, recycled, refurbished, or remanufactured furniture. An office furniture expert such as Clear Choice Office Solutions help businesses make wise decisions when it comes to investing in affordable furniture.
  5. Business image is compromised when employees work independently and within different areas. The superiors are unable to tell whether the employees are working in appropriate clothing. There is also no guarantee that employees observe punctuality and discipline when working. The home office in particular may derail an employee’s productivity and sense of discipline and punctuality.

Some drawbacks to the Traditional Office

Despite the many benefits offered by the traditional office, most people still view the traditional office as ineffective and obsolete. Some of the drawbacks associated with a traditional office setting include the following;

  • Rigidity-they tend to be too formal and employees work like robots. Work schedule is prescribed and employees who work for longer hours are viewed as the hardest working. Modern office settings have embraced play alongside work. It is quite refreshing and fun to work in these settings.
  • Fear-the traditional office has designated workspaces and employees tend to view superiors as gods. Those who are submissive and follow what is told get instant promotions and pay raises and those who are not are viewed as rebellious and rude. They cannot therefore get pat raises of promotions. All these do not make sense to most people.
  • Health concerns-despite the fact that most traditional offices embrace ergonomic or safe office furniture, there are still some organizations that have not. This jeopardizes employee health and results in serious problems such as; back pains, spine problems, muscle degeneration, shoulder pains, and many others.

There is really a no clear winner when it comes to choosing a traditional office for your office furniture Humble. All office settings have their own pros and cons. Therefore, what to be chosen depends on the nature of your organization. You can engage an expert such as Clear Choice Office Solutions if not certain of what type of office setting to go for. Clear Choice is a supplier of new, used, recycled, and remanufactured office furniture. It helps businesses make wise investment decisions when evaluating their furniture options and other office decisions. To get to know more about our services, visit

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