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Choosing an ideal office setting can be essential since it impacts all your decisions regarding Office Furniture Cinco Ranch and the rest of Houston Texas. You have so many options when it comes to the type of office to choose. And as we all know, offices have come a long way and according to a recent study, more than 40% of the US population will be temporary, freelancers, and contractors by the time 2020 rolls around. That clearly shows that the traditional office is losing its meaning. With such a trend we would expect very few people to be seated within a four wall building for 8+ hours a day, Monday to Friday.


The traditional office culture has changed over the years and we expect a greater change in the future since most people will be independent contractors. This also means that the need for a physical space or office furniture shall change also. Therefore, there is need for firms to embrace this new change. As a matter of fact, most companies have now adopted other types of working environments.

About the Co-Working Space in the Katy Area

  • The co-working space is rapidly taking over the work environment. This simply refers to an office setting shared by self-employed or staff that belong to different employers. This allows them to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge. Co-working space is also gaining popularity among companies that already have a physical space. They have found it to be a good platform for innovation, networking, fueling creativity, and collaboration.
  • The co-working space can be ideal for firms who have employees who reside far from the company’s physical location. It helps enhance employee job satisfaction, eliminates long commute time, and encourages remote working. The business also eliminates the need to invest in expensive office furniture since this burden has been taken over by the providers of the co-working space. However, before you allow employees to work in a co-worker space evaluate their tenure, reputation or track record, and job description or nature of their job.

The Ultimate Choice-Virtual Office

The virtual office is the best option since it offers the same benefits as a physical office. The firm that uses a virtual space is given an address, email address, reception area, a dedicated phone, and many others. From a client’s perspective it is very difficult to distinguish a virtual space from an actual headquarters of a firm.

The Benefits of a Virtual Office for Office Furniture Cinco Ranch Texas

  1. Office Expenses or Overhead

The virtual office has become popular since it gives a firm the benefit of focusing on growth instead of committing lots of its finances to overhead. They are not renting or leasing a space, parking space, and are not paying for utilities. They have not also spent its money on office furniture and that substantially reduces operating costs. This type of office offers the greatest flexibility which suits smaller companies of firms whose employees tend to be scattered or on the road most of the time.

  1. Result-Based Management

The virtual office can be described best as a result-based kind of office. This is a completely different kind of setting when compared to the traditional office where hard work is measured differently. For the latter, workers who show up for work early and leave late are viewed as the most productive. However, with a virtual office results are essential. It is a matter of what you do and deliver and not necessarily how long you have been working in an office.

If your organization is committed to delivering results then it is ideal to go for a virtual office. All the manager has to do is set project or productivity goals and leave the rest to the team of members who may be stationed in different locations. They can collaborate electronically, choose when to work, how long to go for lunch, engage in some activity with family members, and choose to make up for lost time over the weekend.  All that really matters in this arrangement is that goals are met or even surpassed.

  1. No Need for Physical Meeting Spaces

The need for staff to congregate in a physical office space might be viewed as an advantage for those with traditional office. However, with a virtual office it is ideally not possible to have a face-to-face contact among team members. This in a way can be an advantage since it eliminates the need to have a dedicated meeting or conference room. It also eliminates commute time and saves a lot of time.

The collective meetings can be held only when it is deemed necessary and shared office spaces are usually provided for this. Nonetheless, firms that use virtual office space do not really need to congregate in most times since it is inconveniencing given the fact that most of the team members work from home, use different co-working spaces, are on the road, or simply not within reach. Fortunately, with technology nothing can be impossible. Firms that use virtual offices can use instant communication channels such as texting, electronic meeting, project management software, IM chat, cell phones, webcam, teleconferencing, and many others. With such an arrangement a small space with a few office furniture items will only be required by the top management for purposes of managing the team.

Is the Virtual Office Right for you?

The virtual office offers lots of benefits over the traditional office space. However, when evaluating which one to choose one should consider the nature of their company. The physical space is necessary for those firms that hold many meetings with customers or clients. But for small companies that would like to minimize overhead and maximize productivity should go for the virtual office. This will save a lot of money in the long run. Nonetheless, it is always good to seek expert advice when making such decisions. One of the firms that have helped many businesses when it comes to choosing an office space or office furniture decisions is Clear Choice Office Solutions. It offers expert advice and supplies new, used, recycled or refurbished furniture for your office.

When considering your office furniture Cinco Ranch it is wise to choose an office type that can suit you bet. The virtual office is ideally one of the best solutions to those firms that are crippled by ever increasing overhead costs. They can use both traditional and virtual office services since they are compatible. But in this case a smaller space with minimal office furniture will be needed. If not sure of what to do seek advice from the experts. Clear Choice Office Solutions can help you navigate the difficult decision of choosing between a virtual and the traditional office. It is highly commended since it offers expert advice. It also supplies new, used, recycled and refurbished furniture. To know more about Clear Choice, visit us at


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