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Cubicles have been in use in offices for long. They came into use after being developed by Robert Propst, a designer of Herman Miller Furniture Company. This was back in early 1960s and at the time the office cubicle was referred to as the Action Office. Ever since then companies have realized the great benefits office cubicles over open-space offices. The major benefit associated with cubicles is the wide variety of options buyers get to choose from; you get new cubicle systems, used cubicles / pre-owned systems, or re-manufactured cubicles.

A cubicle unlike other office design options has the advantage of being a huge space and cost-saver. They occupy a small space and employees get an area of their own. This ultimately boosts employees’ productivity and freedom. While some firms today have reverted back to the open-work environment, the use of the cubicle is still popular with most companies.

In the US, cubicles are widely used by companies and there are various office furniture liquidation firms who deal in used and refurbished office cubicles and furniture. Clear Choice Office Solutions is your one-stop-shop solution for all your office furniture and cubicle needs. You will get all you need from its huge selection of modern and pre-owned furniture. You get to choose from some popular brands such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, HON, AllSteel, and others. You will never run short of what to choose from given the wide range of world-class selection of full range products at Clear Choice Office Solutions.

Why Choose Used Office Cubicles?

When it comes to cost effectiveness, nothing beats an office cubicle. However, price should never be the only basis for your decision to install an office cubicle. Remember your workers spend more than 40 hours every week and even more while working in these work stations. Therefore, you have to ensure you have a workspace that improves the way you do business and maximizes employees’ productivity.

Cubicles are not simply a space where people sit, work, and make calls. They foster collaboration and create privacy. You get to choose from various options which include;

  1. 39-42 inches-an excellent option for ongoing conversation and idea sharing.
  2. 48-54 inches-with this option you enjoy privacy when seated or talking on phone and can communicate openly while standing.
  3. 66-69 inches-this option gives privacy to workers and provides some extra space for storage.

At Clear Choice you can choose from any of these options. Asides the height, you also will also get a wide variation in the amount of the workspace within the cubicle. Therefore, you have to evaluate the various employee roles within your organization and choose the cubicles based on the work done by each of the employees. A cubicle for managerial roles will be different from those for reception staff. Telemarketers will also have a uniquely designed workstation when compared to that for a customer service representative or salespeople who are rarely in the office. It is with this regard that an organization requires a competitive office furniture company that will tailor the office cubicles to meet the needs of the organization.

Another reason that makes a cubicle a perfect option for any company is the fact that cubicles cater for the needs demanded by the changing technological world. Current workstations are characterised by increased wireless and paperless offices. With a cubicle you are able to get space for minimal wiring and power sources. Furthermore, it gives sufficient space for laptops and mobile devices since these are drastically replacing the huge desktop computers. The cubicle meets the changing needs of the technological world.

There is also an outstanding versatility when it comes to the use of an office cubicle. The cubicle can be tailored to perfectly match the shape and size of the space available in your office. They can be configured to also meet each role of the employee. You can choose a pod cubicle if your cubicle is located at the middle of the room. This gives the most privacy and for those who would like to set up the cubicle against a wall they can choose a row configuration.

The styling of an office’s interior décor is also very important when you are setting up cubicles within the workstation. An expert will help you choose an ideal color and finish that will perfectly match the overall décor of your office and also be connected to your brand. A cubicle is excellent in reflecting what you do as a business and it also makes employees feel they are cared for since cubicles are quite stylish and modern in design.

Buy from an Expert

There is a huge advantage that comes with buying your cubicle or furniture from an expert. Even if you are not buying you may still need to recycle office furniture. The family-owned Clear Choice is your ultimate solution since they have extensive experience in providing tailor-made solutions to its widespread clients in Houston and other areas.

When you buy from us we get to choose from new, used, or remanufactured cubicles and office furniture. Your company, whether small or huge will get what is ideal for their need and budget. No matter the type you choose from they all come in high quality and you can never differentiate the used from the new or the remanufactured.

If your company requires a huge order and desires to save on overhead costs, Clear Choice Office Solutions will give you an opportunity to get the best choice and save money. The remanufactured office cubicles in particular are popular among buyers. They have been restored and refurbished and are as good as new. You will save lots of money on this option and still maintain the same quality and appearance of new cubicles.

Receive tailored office furniture solutions from Clear Choice Office Solutions in Houston, Texas. Get to choose from the wide selection of new and pre-owned furniture in our shop. We cater for the needs of both small and huge companies and offer solutions that meet even the smallest budgets. We have been in the business for long enough and understand the needs of companies no matter the size. To get more details visit