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When hiring Houston movers,  many companies try to make a smart decision. Many businesses who moved without hiring professional movers usually ended up realizing how it would have been easier if they had. Moving from one location to another is a process that requires thorough planning. It can be emotionally and physically stressful.

The inventorying process can be done with the help of your co-workers. But, the packing business can be a bit demanding. If you are busy with work and the rest of the family are the same, then your best bet is to have the experts do the job. This is where professional movers in Houston come in.

Houston Movers

Benefits of Hiring Houston Movers

  1. Let the professionals pack for you. Packing is a process that accounts for about a quarter of moving expenses. Do not be misled with thinking that putting stuff into boxes is easy and cheap. That is simply not true. In doing a quick cost estimate, packing your stuff on your own would probably make you spend more. The reasons include; you will use more boxes and you could damage your fragile items because of ineffective packing. Movers in Houston, on the other hand, are trained professionals when it comes to packing efficiently, therefore they do the job quicker.
  2. Professional Movers know the local area. Moving companies are quite thorough in running the local area checking process. They know that it is important to understand the neighborhood and routes properly so that they can safely and effectively dispatch and transport your belongings.
  3. Professional Movers Keep the Belonging Insured and Safe. The professionals are no doubt more experienced than you. It is their main concern to ensure that your personal belongings are safe and insured. You pay them for that. You also pay them for your own peace of mind. With professional moving service, your stuff will be wrapped properly to prevent damage and sealed from dust and dirt.
  4. Professional Movers have the right equipment and tools. They have the truck, packing essentials, hoisting straps, two-wheel, four-wheel and appliance dollies, bins, crates, ramps and pallet jacks.
  5. They offer storage facilities. If there is a need to keep some of your stuff in storage, the moving company can also help you with that. They usually offer flexible storage options – from overnight to long-term.
  6. Professional movers provide straight-forward estimates. If you find a reputable moving service provider, you can be assured of getting the right estimates. They will discuss the moving and the services fees and give you enough time to decide.

 DIY Moving in Houston Versus Professional Moving

Knowing the benefits of hiring professional movers should have opened your eyes with the disadvantages of doing the moving yourself. Just imagine the hassles DIY moving: packing your things; renting a truck or moving van; loading the stuff into the vehicle; driving to your new place; unloading; unpacking and then putting everything in place.

By hiring the experts, you can just worry about how you are going to spend your life in your new home. Hiring a moving company assuredly outweighs the do-it-yourself moving approach. It is the less stressful and lesser health hazardous option.

Finding a Reputable Houston Moving Company

  • How do one find a professional moving company that can be trusted with one’s belonging? You can try looking online, or you can go the traditional way of using the Yellow Pages. Another proven-effective means is asking around and getting references from people you know and trust.
  • The Internet is a very handy medium. It has almost every kind of information that you could possibly need on virtually anything. When it comes to moving companies, the best way to search online is to include your location in the keywords. The search result will provide you with the most searched moving company websites that operate within your locality. Usually, these most searched sites are the most reputable too.
  • Picking up the phone book may be an old-fashioned way, but it is still a reliable way too. The choices will be plenty and that can be a bit confusing. So, find companies that are operating for at least ten years. That length should prove of how well they provide their services.

In both online and offline search processes, you should choose at least three companies. Call them up and set up appointments for in-home estimate. Do not waste your time dealing with companies that won’t send representatives to do evaluations and quotations.

Once you have your choices your next move is to zero-in on your best bet. Check out the reviews and ratings online. Call their customer support number, if they don’t have any, erase them from the list. Ask them about their services – if they offer full-service or just moving services. It is also important that the company you are dealing with is the same company doing the move. Do not deal with sub-contractors, go direct.

Your choice of moving company should be based on your moving needs. For instance, you want a full-service, then choose a company that will do everything for you.

The following are some important tips and reminders that you should know:

  1. Get the representative’s name (make sure they wear company IDs)
  2. Never put your signature on black paper
  3. Never sign anything unless everything on it have been properly explained to you
  4. Ask questions on matters that are not clear to you
  5. Read the documents carefully and make sure you understand everything
  6. Ask about the company – gather as much information as you can (full company name and DBA, phone numbers, company address and branches, they length of years in business, business license numbers, website address and email address). Though you can easily get these details online, it is better to know if the representative knows them too. Providing you with the right answers will prove their dedication to their job and company.
  7. Ask for references and make sure to call them

Hiring the professionals is a good way to ensure that your move will go as smoothly as possible. Though it may not be possible to have a totally stress-free move, at least most of the tasks will be done by reliable Houston movers – professionals that are trained to do exactly what you require.



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