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The divergent thinking of designer Ayse Birsel and her team led to creation of unique Herman Miller Resolve workspace systems. One of the primary goals was to accommodate the shifting demands of the modern work environment. Collaborative work is more of a norm, and considerations need to be made for quick expansion that can accommodate the rapid pace of complex and innovative technology. A basic element of the project leading to Herman Miller Resolve was the re-examining of the work environment for the purpose of identifying what does and does not promote a healthy, imaginative, productive, and adaptable workplace environment.

Herman Miller is the American manufacturer of Resolve systems designed by Birsel. The furniture manufacturer was founded in 1905 and is based out of Zeeland, Michigan. For a modern office, there is no better choice than the Resolve system. A natural work environment is fostered with this creative design that is centered on the 120-degree angle common in nature. Whichever pieces are chosen for a work station, the atmosphere is calming and the various elements are designed to cater to particular activities and functions.

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Herman Miller Resolve

Primary components of Herman Miller Resolve Systems


The following are the lightweight components of Resolve, and explanations about these choices are further below:

  1. Poles with three heights.
  2. Horizontal support arms that:
    • Provide a stable, strong foundation
    • Define work areas
    • Support components, such as easily accessible data and power
  3. High-capacity trusses, which route data and power cables overhead so that they are accessible but safely out of the way.
  4. Screens that allow light to pass through, as opposed to walls of division covered with heavy fabric.
  5. Boomerang-shaped work surfaces attach to poles and rest on legs that are height-adjustable. Other surfaces include input tables.
  6. Monitor pods support computer monitors for standing or seated work.
  7. “Porch lights” to provide added lighting when colleagues are grouped together in a workspace.
  8. Canopies that help with ambiance and acoustics.
  9. Floor mats.
  10. Various touches that can be added, as needed, to a work space include:
    • Bookshelves
    • Ladder shelves
    • Swivel tray sets that serve as convenient desk drawers
    • Mobile file bins
    • Satchels
    • Additional storage shelving
    • Pole shelves
    • Task lights
    • Small bud vases that attach to each workstation
    • Display components
    • Pole lamps
    • Screen tools, such as document holders, mirrors, utility hooks, and picture holders
    • Marker boards with pencil trays attached are designed to pivot around poles
    • Signage

When broken down for storage, resolve takes up approximately one-third the space of traditional cubicle systems. There is also minimal disruption to workers when alterations are made, since changes can be made very quickly with the agile Resolve system.

Environmental Benefits


Herman Miller Resolve Systems can be recycled, when closing out Resolve stations or downsizing. At the end of its usable life, a Resolve system is 86% recyclable, which reduces VOC emissions and the amount of landfill space used. The Environmental Product Summary for the Resolve System reflects a strong commitment to achieving aggressive sustainability goals

Some of the thinking and insight behind the design of Resolve

Herman Miller Resolve Cubicles

When working on the design of Resolve systems, the team was determined to stay away from the traditional panel-based system. The Resolve work stations can fittingly be defined as anti-panel systems. The use of generous 120-degree angles is reminiscent of honeycombs and snowflakes. The screens used in place of heavy panels are the stars of the design. Screens can be moved according to the needs and the optimal style for a particular work space. Fewer materials are used to create the various work areas, and they occupy less space while feeling more spacious.

Another highlight of the design is that workstations can be lowered or raised, so that individuals can work while sitting or while standing. The various details and optional components are meant to create a stronger sense of both individuality and of community.

The forward thinking behind the screens opens up the option to have custom displays on screens. Graphic treatments are also available in standard designs. Available images for screens are prepared by various designers, including Eric Ludlum, Jhane Barnes, the Digital Atelier, Joyce Mast, and a select number of Herman Miller designers. Collections feature abstract, photographic, and graphic images that can be mixed and matched as desired, for more eye-catching effect. Clients can design their own screens with slogans, colors, product branding, and any other ideas they choose.

The various configurations of connecting work spaces resemble star formations, and the five base constellations to choose from when adding a Herman Miller Resolve System to your office space are:

  1. Delta
  2. Zig-Zag
  3. Shell
  4. Half-Honey
  5. Honey

Reasons to avoid traditional 90-degree cubicles


From the natural light that penetrates the screens in Resolve Systems to the 120-degree angles and canopies, these are work stations that create the feel of nature. These are valuable aspects of the office furnishings, especially when compared with the negative effects doctors have found boxy cubicles have on workers. The following touches on a few insights into the psychological effects of an open work environment that provides access to sunlight:

With the Resolve system, virtually everyone potentially has a window seat, since light can pass through the screens. Working with a view of windows has been found in studies to provide numerous health benefits, including an average of 46 minutes more sleep every night. The sun’s rays cause our bodies to release nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels and results in lower blood pressure. Even reminders of nature provide health benefits, making us feel less anxious and inspiring improved creative output.

What can we do for you ?

The imaginative design of Herman Miller Resolve Systems is easy to see, but its greatest value is in providing workers with a comfortable, accommodating work space that promotes feelings of being valued and connected.  Clear Choice Office Solutions offers affordable Herman Miller Resolve Cubicles to customers across the United States.  Call us today to see how we can save you money and these beautiful office systems!

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