How to Get Rid Of Used Office Furniture

For offices that have been around for some time, there must be some furniture considered due for replacement. These items, however, can’t just be sent to the dump as there are several things to consider (economic factors and compliance issues). A business, therefore, must find better ways to get rid of these unwanted items without incurring economic loss of contributing to environmental degradation.

When it comes to getting rid of used office furniture, there are different options available to any company or organization. While many of such items can be donated or sold to an office liquidator, others can be recycled and reused in a sustainable way. Whatever option you choose to explore, it is important that it is beneficial to your organization.

Even with different sustainable options, getting rid of used office furniture always present major challenges. From budgetary considerations to logistical headaches, individuals handling the disposal of office surplus must overcome these challenges. Sometimes, it takes ingenuity from experienced facilities and procurement professionals to handle it. Here, we will discuss some practical ways to get the job done in an efficient manner.

used office furniture

Keep an Office Furniture Inventory

An inventory of your office furniture is necessary at any point in time. When there is need to get rid of them, the inventory becomes a lot more important. Knowing exactly what you have and their condition will help you to make the important decision about the best way to get rid of them. When you are working with a vendor, the office inventory will be needed by the vendor for clear understanding of what the project entails. It will minimize the chances of miscommunication and scope changes when the project has been taken up.

A good office inventory will also give you a better understanding of the value of what you have as surplus. This will be very important if you intend to sell your used office furniture in the secondary market. When you take proper inventory that includes the number of each item you have and their conditions, you will understand their value better and be in a better position to get the best out of the process. You also need to include those items that are already garbage in your inventory. When that is done, it is easier to separate them from the ones that are still valuable.

Identify the Opportunities in the Exercise

Considering that getting rid of used office furniture is mostly done so that there will be space for new ones, it is easier to assume that there are no opportunities in the exercise. This is not often the case. That a particular piece of furniture is no longer needed in your office does not mean that it is completely without value. If it happens that your office surplus is still valuable (as is the case most often), it is important that you consider the opportunities the exercise presents.

Most often, getting rid of used office furniture presents the opportunity of financial recoup. When you decide to sell some of the items, you can realize some real money. Another opportunity that is worth considering is engaging community partners through donation of the office surplus. It is possible to minimize the amount of money a company direct towards Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) programs when they donate part of their used office furniture. Once the opportunities have been established, you can identify some goals and work towards achieving them. Ensure that whatever goal you identify brings Return on Investment.

Be Specifically Prepared For All Risks Involved In the Process

Asides from environmental and economic considerations, there are other things on the line when you are trying to get rid of used office furniture. This is especially true when you have large office surplus to handle. Internal time and effort, vendor relations, and on-site safety will influence the outcome of the process. These risks are interconnected in the process and you need to manage them appropriately.

Whether your used office furniture are being removed for new ones to be installed immediately or have been successfully separated and ready to be moved, it is important that you plan the exercise well and keep everyone involved on the same page. Every stakeholder, including employees, movers, buyers, and recyclers must abide by the schedule. Take care to ensure that you are ready for such risks as fluctuating second-hand market, labor and logistic disruption, scheduling conflicts, as well as safety and compliance issues.

Work With a Good Budget 

Approaching asset management without a budget will always result to mishaps. A bad budget will also have a negative effect. It is important that you develop a good budget after considering the opportunities in the process and the goals you intend to achieve.

It is also important that you stick to your budget once you are certain it is a good one. By doing this, you will be able to recover some money from disposing your assets.

Work With a Reliable Logistic Provider

The entire process of getting rid of used office furniture can be simplified by a reliable logistic provider. When you work with a good company, you will minimize most of the risks involved in the exercise. You can start the process of finding a reputable logistic provider by seeking recommendations. You can also go online to research such companies near you: consider different options before picking one. It will also be helpful to ask different companies that made your shortlist to provide a quote based on the inventory you sent them. Compare with your realistic budget and make an informed decision.

There you have it! Above are a couple to tips to help you get rid of your pre-owned or used office furniture. Getting rid of used office furniture can be tough. With the right approach, however, it can be made a lot easier. By following this guide, you will be in a better position to make it happen.

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