Earth Day 2016 – The Environmental Impact of Office Furniture

Impact Office Furniture

It is a common fact how excessive smoke from vehicles, garbage thrown to bodies of water or smoke from big factories contribute to the depletion of nature. But do you have any idea how a comfortable chair can likewise be hazardous to the environment? Of course, you cannot imagine why would this piece of furniture that provides maximum comfort will have a bad environment impact. The manufacturing of furniture like office cubicles have disadvantages in the environment. On one hand, environment-conscious companies have found ways on how to minimize and reduce the risk of harming the natural resources of the Earth we live in.

Knowing How the Manufacturing of Furniture Harm the Environment

Your office will definitely look pleasing with quality furniture that satisfies the space layout. Before you purchase office furniture, make sure to think green. This means that you have to consider the protection of the environment while having a perfect office layout in your mind. Here are some of the ways how the manufacturing of office furniture provides risk in the environment:


  1. Harms the atmosphere

The manufacturing process includes glueing and coating of furniture which requires the use of solvents. Most solvents contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are proven high risk to the atmosphere. Harmful gases are also being released like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc. which are dangerous to the atmosphere. Likewise, sawing and sanding releases dust and other particulates that contribute to air pollution.


  1. Depletion of natural resources due to high demand of raw materials

Wood and timber are primary raw materials used in the manufacturing of furniture. The high demands of production will quickly result to barren mountains. Once trees are being excessively cut down, more harm to the environment will as tress are best protector against air pollution, flooding, etc.


  1. Contaminates water and air

Hazardous liquids will pollute the water when they are not properly disposed. Containers of solvents and other chemicals will soak into the ground then eventually penetrate to the water causing contamination. Likewise containers when thrown in the waste stream that are not properly covered will result to spilling of harmful liquid which again can escape into the atmosphere causing damage to the air.


  1. Creates annoying noise

Heavy machineries and equipment used during the manufacturing of furniture creates annoying noise. An atmosphere filled with huge noise will not provide a healthy environment for everyone.


  1. Overflows the landfills

There are limited spaces in the waste stream and dumping chips and off-cuts from woods will increase the waste products thrown.



The Best Environment-Conscious Practices


There are various agencies that are extending extensive campaign and raising awareness on how to be ecologically friendly. For many furniture manufacturing companies, here are some of the ways to protect the environment:


  1. Choosing Raw Materials and Design Preference

In choosing raw materials such as wood or timber, companies should secure a certification from respective agency guaranteeing that raw materials came from managed forests. With the risk of depleted forest, the environment as well as bio-diversity are endangered. Likewise, companies can also utilize substitute materials which are eco-friendly and will not compromise quality of the particular material. If you can go for materials which cannot harm the health and environment, the better. Make sure that the replacement will satisfy both quality and functionality. The design of the furniture should likewise minimize the use of raw material resulting to less wastage.


  1. Storage and Stock

Materials used for manufacturing should be properly stored. Liquids like solvents, paints and adhesives should be kept in close containers and properly sealed. Place the storage area away from the water system to avoid contamination when spills happen. Likewise, regularly check containers for possible leakage. In stocking raw materials, only choose the minimum quantity needed. This will eliminate the disposal of non-usable materials when there are problems due to change in product, quality or obsolete materials.


  1. Noise Reduction

It is a good idea to go for equipment with low-noise feature when buying. Likewise, muffling or shielding noisy equipment will help reduce the annoying sound these equipment create. Placing the work area where noisy equipment are used away from the entry doors will be a better option.


  1. Waste Disposal

Containers of liquid waste should be properly transported and disposed. Make sure that containers are properly closed to avoid spilling in the ground. Likewise, containers should be tightly covered to avoid the escape of odor into the atmosphere. Choose materials which can be recycled when the furniture reaches their time expectancy. Pre-owned furniture such as used cubicles, tables or chairs can still be in the market circulation for sale when quality and functionality survived the test of time.


  1. Proper Housekeeping

There are various house rules which to be followed in order to minimize the risk of harming the environment. A dust extraction system should be generated in companies where there requires large amount of dust accumulated. Sanders and other heavy machining tools should be fitted with dust extractors which help filter wood particles and dust. An enclosed container should be used in storing the collected dust and wood particles to avoid its escape in the atmosphere. When transporting or during handling of liquids within the premise like solvents, thinners or paints, make sure that containers should be kept close.

Recycle Office Furniture

There are many ecological friendly ways to protect nature during the manufacture of office furniture. To recycle office furniture is also one of the best ways to save the environment as the process will not require energy consumption or the use of hazardous solvents. In addition, buying used cubicles and pre-owned office furniture will provide more savings while satisfying your need for a vibrant office renovation or outfitting.


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