Office Cubicles Electrical Connections

Power Whip

Office Cubicles Electrical Connections Overview

This article covers standard Office Cubicles Electrical Connections for today’s office systems. Please consult a licensed electrician in your city/state for local regulations and guidelines.  Make sure you check out Haworth’s Haworth Electric Terms!  There are two common electrical connections for your standard office cubicle. One is the “base feed” where power comes from a wall outlet. The other is the “ceiling feed”, where wires are dropped down from the ceiling.



Here are a few pictures of your standard basfeeds.



Haworth Base Feed


The basefeed “WHIP” converts the building power to cubicle power through a hardwire connection.  A basefeed connects a building’s power source to the electrical system contained within the panels of cubicles or workstations.


Electrician Install Basefeed


CUBICLE SYSTEMS Ceilingfeeds or “Topfeeds”

Ceilingfeeds or “Topfeeds” are “power poles” which attach to the cubicle. The pole goes through the ceiling tile into the ceiling, where the electrician will run conduit from a buidling junction box and hardwire it to the junction box attached to the topfeed. Most topfeeds also have a shielded channel to run telephone / data lines down into the cubicle system.


Office Cubicles Electrical Connections

Cubicle Electrical Wiring Diagram – Ceiling and Base

Wiring Diagram

4 Circuit, 8 Wire Power

This electrical system has 4 hot wires (circuits), 2 neutral wires, and 2 grounds. 3 of the circuits share a neutral and a ground wire. The 4th circuit is usually a dedicated circuit and has its own neutral and ground wires.

How to Figure Out How Many Circuits You Will Need

Some people recommend for each cubicle you have 1/2 of a circuit dedicated to its use. And some Cubicle Manufactures recommend up to three cubicles can share one circuit, four cubicles will share two circuits and six cubicles will share three circuits.  Often time, 3-4 cubicles can run on one electrical circuit.  This will vary depending on what devices are being used in each station.  Electric space heaters are a common problem in that they draw way more power than a typical business device.

These are all things you need to keep in mind when dealing with Office Cubicles Electrical Connections!

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