Cubicle Parts and Panel Extenders

Cubicle Parts

Cubicle Parts and Panel Extenders

Clear Choice Office Solutions sells cubicle parts to fit a wide variety of workstations from some the industry’s leading brands, including:  Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, Allsteel, Teknion, Kimball, and Trendway.  Whether you are looking for new cubicle partitions for an updated look for your business or you need to replace some brackets lost in a relocation move, we have a comprehensive selection of used and new cubicle parts to get your systems furniture looking new and functioning properly. Plus, we can almost always beat manufacturers prices for cubicle parts and other systems replacement items.

We sell cubicle parts to fit a wide variety of workstations from some the industry’s leading brands, including:

  • Steelcase
  • Herman Miller
  • Haworth
  • Knoll
  • Allsteel
  • Teknion
  • Kimball
  • Trendway

Our extensive inventory includes numerous size and color options for monolithic, tile and frame partitions as well as many more cubicle parts, including:

  • Cubicle connectors
  • Cubicle brackets
  • Cubicle walls and panels
  • Panel fabrics
  • Workstation surfaces
  • Task lights
  • Cabinets and locks
  • Cubicle trim
  • Overhead bin boxes
  • Electrical components
  • And more

Office Panel Extenders

Cubicle panel extenders from OBEX fit on top of your existing panels to enhance worker privacy and productivity. These adjustable extensions are designed to fit standard panel systems from all the major office furniture manufacturers; so it doesn’t matter what brand of cubicles you have on site. You can easily add better function and higher value to your current panel system with our innovative product. Your employees will immediately notice the way these panels reduce noise levels and help them focus.

Desk mount privacy panels from OBEX are easily adjustable and attach to desks without damaging your existing furniture. Increase the cross-functionality of your desk set-up to maximize performance and results. Choose from a variety of custom colors, frames and fabrics to enhance any workstation. Whether you need desk divider panels for classroom testing or want a more enclosed office space, these desk mount privacy panels are the ideal solution for any work environment.

Modesty Panels from OBEX create privacy below your work surfaces. The universal brackets are easy to mount under most desks and tables. They come in a variety of sizes as well as colors.

Office Room Dividers

FRAMEwall is a modern room divider screen system designed to add privacy and creativity to a wide range of spaces for living & working.

Flexwall -Introducing a lightweight, flexible partition screen designed to maneuver effortlessly and conform to virtually any space. Colorful fabric panels allow for customization to enhance the design of your environment while also serving as a sound absorbing barrier in open workspaces.

From one used cubicle connector to new cubicle partitions for your entire office, we have the large selection of affordable cubicle parts you need to help you complete projects of all sizes.  Contact us today!!!

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