10 Tips for Easier Office Furniture Liquidation

Office furniture liquidation is necessary in a number of occasions. When the business is in the process of closing up, downsizing, or relocating, there will be need to remove the office furniture in the most economical manner. Even in instances where the business intends to recreate its office space and replace all the furniture at once, liquidation is also necessary.

At Clear Choice Office Solutions, we specialize in providing excellent, top class office furniture liquidation. Our trusted experts have the tools and experience to handle every process involved in your office furniture liquidation, including the purchase, installation, disassembly, and removal of all types and brands of office furniture.

In addition, we understand that liquidating office furniture is never a simple task. It is not something anyone should try to handle alone. The most effective way to make it happen is to work with a reliable liquidator. Finding a liquidator is not the only thing you will need to do to make the entire process smooth. If you are thinking of where to begin, we will share some tips here that will help to make your office furniture liquidation easier and successful:

Office Furniture Liquidation
Office Furniture Liquidation

Start the Office Furniture Liquidation Process in Time

If you are handling office furniture liquidation for the first time, you will be surprised at how long the entire process can take. The reason for the liquidation normally affects the time it will take to complete the process. It may take a shorter time when you are just trying to remodel the office space than when the business is closing or relocating. In any case, it is important that you start the process in time. This will help you avoid rushing some things as that can easily lead to mistakes. When there is adequate time to plan, the process can be a lot smoother.

Ensure You Have a Comprehensive Inventory Checklist

It is important that you have a good idea of what you have to liquidate. Once the decision has been made to liquidate your office furniture, it is important that you get a complete inventory count of everything in the space that will be part of the liquidation process.

Reputable office furniture liquidators will perform a thorough walk through and create a detailed inventory when they get involved in the process. Having your inventory before their arrival will not hurt in any way. You can compare your own inventory checklist with what they come up with and reconcile any discrepancies.

Take Time to Find a Professional Furniture Liquidation Company

The success of your office furniture liquidation exercise will largely depend on the company you hire to handle it. Though your own efforts will matter a lot, once you have the wrong people handling the process, a lot of things can go wrong. It is important that you take time to find the right liquidator. You need a professional liquidator that will handle all facets of the exercise.

Some of the important factors you must consider while choosing a company includes the experience of those running the business and how trustworthy they are. You should take your time to do a background check to determine if they are the right candidates to work with.

Work With the Liquidators to Come Up With the Liquidation Timetable

Contacting liquidators and selecting one from the list of available companies in your area is only the beginning of the journey. What you are getting into is a process that involves several little tasks that will take time. A professional liquidator will provide a feasible timetable for the process.

Also, it is important that you work with the liquidator to draw this timetable so that it does not conflict with your own plans or the activities of your business. While drawing the timetable, let the professionals do what they know how best to do but don’t be afraid to speak up when you feel the plan will disrupt your other important plans and activities.

Avoid Any Temptation or Suggestion to Part It Out

You may receive suggestions from some quarters to sell your office furniture bit by bit. This is something you need to avoid. Some so called liquidation companies may even suggest to cherry pick from your available furniture. This should be a major red light.

If you allow anyone to handpick your furniture, you may be left with several less desirable pieces that will proof very hard to sell. This will meaningfully affect what you will realize from your office furniture liquidation. Ensure that you sell the entire thing as a whole; it will have more value and involve less cost.

Take Time to Research the Going Rate of Some of Your Office Furniture

It is also important that you try to make some estimations about what to expect from the sales of your office furniture. When you are able to figure out what the items will command in the secondary market, you will have an idea of the kind of job your liquidator is doing. If you really want to know about what to expect, do not rely on mere estimations or blind presumptions. Take time to research the going rate of some of the most important items in your office space.

Understand the Factors That Affects the Prices of Your Office Furniture

There are some important factors that will influence the cost of your office furniture. Understanding them will help you have a realistic idea of what they can fetch from the market. Some of the factors you should keep in mind include the manufacturers of the items, the age of the items, and the sizes of the items. Other things like the colors of the items will also count when determining the actual value. An experienced liquidator will take all these into consideration when valuing your office furniture, so it is important you take note of them.

Try To Understands the Costs Involved In Office Furniture Liquidation

There are several costs associated with office furniture liquidation. When you have a good understanding of these costs, you will have less surprises during the process. Such costs as removal fees and the cost of the trucks that will be used will count when it comes to determining how much you will realize from the sale of your furniture. The liquidation company will incur these costs and make up for them through the sales of your furniture.

Ensure Your Liquidators Are Not Just Brokers

This is something you need to figure out as soon as possible: furniture wholesalers and furniture brokers are not the same. Anyone can claim to be an office furniture liquidator but you have to make sure you are not working with brokers as they don’t make a commitment to liquidate your furniture until they have sold it.

Office furniture wholesalers are the right people to entrust with office furniture liquidation as they commit to the entire process from initial proposal till the end. They will remove the furniture within a stipulated timeframe and make the entire experience better for you.

Stay In Contact With the Liquidators Until the Process Is Completed

It is also important that you remain in active contact with the liquidators until everything is concluded. It will be a long process and the liquidator will know what to do at every step but there is need to know how things are progressing. A good liquidator will keep you or your team updated as events unfold until every business you have with them regarding the liquidation is concluded.

There you have it! Above are some useful tips to help make the entire office liquidation task relatively easy. Liquidating your office furniture can be very tasking. It will be less burdensome, however, when you work with a good liquidation company. The insightful tips provided above will be very helpful in making office furniture liquidation easier.

Choose Us for Your Office Furniture Liquidation in Houston TX

Are you planning to liquidate your old and unused office furniture in Houston? Contact us today at Clear Choice Office Solutions. We are experts with several years of experience in office furniture liquidation. Our services are affordable, reliable, and well-detailed. You can always count on our professional team to liquidate your old and unused office furniture efficiently.

Our expert team will be available to speak with you to discuss the office furniture liquidation options available to you. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. We are one of the best office furniture liquidators in Houston that have what it takes to offer you outstanding and unparalleled services. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality and excellent services.



Used office furniture Clear Lake Shores, Texas

The office space has changed dramatically over the last ten years and more than ever before it is important to consider the used office furniture Clear Lake Shores, Texas when planning for your work space.  Some of the factors that affect your decision with regard to office space planning include age related or generational influences. Technology also affects all decisions and that included the office furniture to be procured. The commercial office furniture Houston market has particularly undergone some major changes over the years. Globalization and technological changes has impacted the way we work and interact at the work place. Employees can now work at home instead of driving or commuting to work. Teleconferencing and use of smart phones has also facilitated easy communication among teams in all organizations. There has been also a shift from the traditional office setting where clearly set hierarchies were in place and all decisions came from top then down. At the present time a more collaborative work space with more transparency and co-creation is encouraged. Office furniture items that encourage collaboration and team effort are now more popular unlike the secluded private office space.  With that said, in order to achieve a sustainable space plan requires some serious planning.

Used office furniture Clear Lake Shores, Texas
Used office furniture Clear Lake Shores, Texas

Choosing your Office Location in Houston

  1. On top of the list of what to plan for from beginning is the location of your office. This could be an urban or suburban location either of which has its pros and cons. A corporate office may be situated at any of the two but various factors must be considered. For instance, government incentives, recruiting, infrastructure, real estate prices, future plans, and others matter when planning. The younger generation may prefer an urban setting where it is easy to commute and various amenities are within close proximity to their residence. The older generation on the other hand would consider working for a firm that is located in an area where good schools, ideal residential houses, and a community exist.
  2. In order to appeal to both young and older generation, the office space planning should include a location where a combination of office, residential and commercial district is in place. This is sufficient to meet a range of employee preferences.

Employees Should Lead the Office Space Planning Strategy

  1. Office space planning should never be undertaken by the employer without the involvement of the employees. All staff should be involved from planning to completion since this tends to be more impactful in the long haul. Research has shown that employees are more engaged when they are involved in office decisions. As a matter of fact, those who take part in the planning for their office layout are happier and healthier. Remember these are the people who work for a longer period within the space. They are therefore in a better position of giving helpful insights that can help design a space that meets their needs.
  2. Some of the varying tastes and preferences among employees include; light levels, room temperature, office furniture, noise level, colors, level of privacy, and personal décor. These should be considered while planning for the space since it will ultimately affect staff satisfaction and engagement.

Company Culture and Needs

Company needs and culture differs immensely. This determines what is important to the firm and can be used as a guide when planning for the office space. Some of the factors consider include;

  • The future prospects of the business.
  • Change readiness.
  • Dominating work styles.
  • The culture profile of the organization.
  • Space utilization.
  • Employee demographics.

This data can help during the planning process. It is the only sure way to make planning decisions that meet the demographics, cultural profiles, and work styles of the organization.

Used office furniture Clear Lake Shores, Texas and Plans to Emphasis Health and Wellbeing

One of the most popular office spaces at the present time in Houston, Texas and beyond is the office space that encourages employees to be involved in physical activity. It is important to therefore consider a location where a gym and other fitness amenities are situated close to the office. The office building should also have active design which means it should;

  • Be fitted with appealing stairways which allure to employees. This will discourage the use of the elevator.
  • Avail fitness centers such as yoga or athletic classes within the office location.
  • Put in place standing desks to encourage employees to minimize sitting and spend more time standing.
  • Have functional centers such as copy centers and coffee rooms away from where employees work so that they are forced to walk for some distance when in need of these frequented areas.

The importance of a healthy team can never be over emphasized. Healthy workers are free from stress and stay healthier which in turn leads to more satisfaction in their work and ultimately more profits to the business. Both mental and physical health affects employee productivity. The office furniture should also be ergonomic by design. It may make financial sense for a business to hire an expert when planning for their space where employee health and wellbeing I concerned. An expert such as Clear Choice Office Solutions helps business when planning for their office space. It is based in Texas and also specializes in the supply of new and used office furniture.

 Office space planning should be taken seriously and should consider the used office furniture Clear Lake Shores, Texas. Everything from location, interior décor, office furniture, and space allocation should be planned for from the beginning. A few adjustments may be undertaken later on but it is important to plan for everything from the onset of the business. An expert such as Clear Choice office Solutions helps businesses make smart choices when it comes to office space planning. We supply new and used office furniture in Texas and beyond. The firm boasts of its well trained staff and their years of experience in the business.

Used Office Furniture Brazoria, Texas

There is no denying that used office furniture Brazoria, Texas has become increasingly popular among firms, small or large alike.  But one of the questions that everyone who has ever taken a futuristic approach to office furniture is whether the recycled, used, refurbished or pre-owned office furniture Houston will still exist in the near future. Well, this is a fair question indeed. To begin with, we have to accept the fact that the commercial office furniture Houston is one of the most stagnant. Styles of all kinds across most industries have drastically shifted in line with the ebb and flow of fashion, however, the furniture industry has remained unchanged for many years. As a matter of fact, it is only until recently that we began to feel the effect of the technological boom within the furniture industry. And indeed fortunately, we can now feel the positive impact of tech on the market of modern office furniture Houston. The current furniture has been tailored to adapt to our needs, tastes, and ever changing lifestyles. But what exactly does the future hold for used office furniture? Will we still hear the buzz going around about the many benefits associated the budget-friendly used furniture for the office?

Used Office Furniture Brazoria Tex

The Increasing need for Adaptive Office Furniture Houston

The modern world is changing at a pace that was unfathomable in past years. Fashion, styles, trends, and market needs are changing within the click of a button. The savvy buyer of furniture for the office no longer follows the old way of doing things. He is obsessed with items that are in-line with the ever changing needs of the office space. And some interesting stats by the US census show that average Americans will move at least 12 times in the lifetime. Furthermore, 1 in every 6 American will move every year. This means that there is a need for adaptive office furniture. Any item that is bulky and inadaptable to varying office spaces is instantly discarded. The best design is adaptable and scalable with respect to the living situation.

Adaptive furniture refers to items that support our lifestyle. We no longer seek traditional designs. Offices now take into account the lifestyle of the team and adapt to it. It is no longer the reverse. The use of smart technological gadgets is changing the way we live. Modern offices have to conform to these changes. The furniture items such as cubicles, tables, cabinets, and desks have become more compact and embed features that are used to power everyday electronic devices.

Popularity of Used Office Furniture Brazoria, Texas

  • There is an increasing need for furniture pieces that consider the future needs of the society. Climate change has triggered the need for sustainable office furniture. Current furniture is designed to meet this need. We are now talking about going green. Firms that are committed to conservation the environment in the way they conduct their business are regarded highly by regulators. Consumers also seek services from firms that are environment-conscious. One of Texas-based firms that have changed the modern office space is Clear Choice Office Solutions. This is a supplier of new and used furniture. They supply sustainable, efficient, and multi-functional furniture. They lead the way when it comes to recycled office furniture.
  • The need for discount office furniture Houston is increasing for a reason. Every firm is considering ways of cutting down on costs. Used office furniture happens to be the best alternative given the quality and cost proposition. They are as good as new and the future office space will still be made up of this type of furniture.

 Ergonomic Office Furniture Houston

  1. Interesting stats show the average employee spends 90,000 hours at the work place in their lifetime. This means the way you work affects your health. The kind of furniture you use will affect the quality of your life. In fact, you will spend 1/3 of your life at work. This is a huge sacrifice and one that should never be taken lightly.
  2. Current and future work desks have designed that considers the health needs of the employee. The ergonomic desk and chair is a must have in the modern office. In fact, experts have come up sophisticated desks that have smart gadgets imbedded into the desk. You can check your heart rate while working. Artificial Intelligence, voice recognition and commands are now taking over the modern office also.
  3. The desired office chair is the ergonomic design and that means it is adaptable to your sitting position or posture. Back pains and neck problems have become things of the past thanks to these sophisticated designs. The comfort of the employee must be considered in the furniture designs and that describes the current and future office chairs and desks.

Customizable Office Furniture Houston

Technology has greatly impacted the furniture industry. Designers and architects no longer use outdated technology when designing office furniture. Retail stores across the globe are now consumer-conscious. All furniture items are customized to the needs of the buyer. In fact, the consumer can simply visit the vendor website and make office plans they desire through the use of intuitive tools on the website. Once satisfied, the design is mailed to the buyer.

Flexibility is the driving force for current and future furniture designs.The buyer is more concerned with the usability of the items at the present time. The office furniture design should be in line with their current style, be affordable, fit the available space and should be flexible enough to change according to their personal style changes. This describes the furniture of the future. Modular furniture pieces are sought after more than ever. These refer to furniture that can easily be transported and customized when deemed necessary. For instance, expandable tables, flexible cubicles, stackable chairs, sectional pieces, and so forth. These are the furniture designs that will dominate the future.

The office furniture style, taste, or fashion may change but human needs remain the same. We need items that are comfortable, adaptable, and affordable. Used Office Furniture Brazoria, Texas still remains popular since it is most affordable option for business, large or small alike. The furniture of the future is definitely those that are not only adaptive but also affordable. One of the firms that are commended when it comes to adaptive used office furniture Houston, tx is Clear Choice Office Solutions. They supply furniture items that meet the needs of the ever changing modern work place.


Where Can I Sell My Office Furniture In Houston?

Do you have office furniture in Houston that you intend to get rid of? There are different options you can explore. If you want to be charitable, there are a number of organizations that will willingly receive them as donations. Finding such organization may take some time and taking it to them will definitely involve some costs. You can also decide to contact a recycler or a company that offers old furniture removal and disposal services to handle the entire process for you. It normally involves some costs too.

If you have office furniture in Houston that you want to get rid of, you may want to explore other options asides from the ones discussed above. This is the best thing to do if you want to realize some money from the used office furniture. Instead of giving your used office furniture away or inviting a recycler or disposal company to take them away, you can actually sell them.

You may not know it but there are lots of individuals and businesses that will willingly buy your used office furniture. Finding these individuals may be a little hard which is why this article has been written to help you. Even when you have a way of contacting few individuals to buy your used office furniture, there is no assurance that they will buy them at a fair price. Here, we will discuss the different options you have including the one that makes the most economic sense.

Sell My Office Furniture In Houston

Local Newspaper and Online Platforms

Placing ads in local newspapers is a traditional way of selling used office furniture but it works even today. Houston TX has a number of local newspapers that sell classified ad space at different prices. You can buy an ad space and place your old office furniture for sale. Asides from print newspapers, you can also buy online space to advertise the furniture you intend to sell. There are several websites and blogs that will also sell you ad space. If your business has a good website and you don’t mind, you can even advertise your old office furniture there.

While this method has been around for decades, it still works. The only problem is that it may take too long for your furniture to sell. Some buyers may also price them at ridiculous prices especially when they feel you are desperate about getting rid of the items. It is even possible to spend so much in advertisement that the money you will realize from the sale will barely offset the money you spent trying to sell it.


Craigslist ads is another easy way to sell your used office furniture. Unlike in similar websites like eBay and Amazon, purchases in Craigslist are usually made by locals. There are also lots of people that specifically browse through the website for used products. This means you are more likely to find individuals or businesses from Houston that are willing to pay for your office furniture. You just need to ensure that you set up your ad well to make the process smooth.

Setting up your ad on Craigslist should be easy. You need to take photos of your inventory and upload them. It is important that you take high quality and detailed photos for the ad. While setting up the ad, it is important that you provide every important information. Specify if you are willing to deliver the furniture or if the buyer should be ready to handle that. You can decide to let different buyers contact you individually and inspect the items when they want or to hold an open house or garage sale. The first option can be rewarding but you have to be ready to answer so many questions. Holding an open house/garage sale is less stressful as buyers inspect the furniture simultaneously and bid for them.


There are businesses that are interested in used office furniture and will pay handsomely for them. This is unarguably the best way to sell your office furniture in Houston. In Houston, just like in several other cities, there are several of such businesses. Finding the best one to deal with should be your priority. It is important that you find a company that will buy your office furniture directly and sell them independently.

There are several advantages of working with businesses that buy your office furniture directly. For a start, they offer the fastest means of getting rid of your used furniture. You don’t have to advertise to get their attention. Once you know how to contact them, you should be certain of selling your office furniture as fast as possible.

However, the majority of the businesses that offer this service also offer a range of other services including office furniture recycling services, commercial moving and relocation services, and office planning and design services. So many of them also sell new and used office furniture. You will have no problem changing how your office looks as they can take care of your old furniture and supply new ones as soon as possible.

There you have it! Above are a couple of tips for selling your office furniture in Houston. At times, trying to dispose your used office furniture in Houston can be quite tough. It may take you some time to get a broker, dealer, or liquidation company to purchase all the furniture. Anytime you need to sell your office furniture in Houston, always turn to Clear Choice Office Solutions. We are the perfect fit to get the job done.


Let Us Help You Sell Your Office Furniture in Houston

At Clear Choice Office Solutions, we specialized in providing excellent, top class, office furniture solutions. We are experts in selling all kinds of used or pre-owned office furniture pieces including tables, chairs, cubicles, cabinets, and many more.

Our services are affordable, detailed and transparent. We will ensure that your pieces are sold at the best value. Our experts will be available to speak with you and discuss the options available to you. We guarantee you excellent services that give 100% complete satisfaction.

How to Find Reliable Office Furniture Liquidators in Houston

There are different reasons you may want to liquidate your office furniture. For many businesses and organizations, the need for liquidation seldom arises. It may arise only when the company is relocating. Also, when a business is growing, it may become necessary to change things a bit by bringing in new furniture to compliment the new status; this normally implies that the used furniture will be liquidated.

Regardless of your reason for office furniture liquidation, it is important that you work with a reliable office furniture liquidators in Houston. This will make it a worthwhile experience. Although, there are other ways to get rid of used office furniture in Houston. However, liquidation is the smartest option and it will be smarter when you work with a reliable company.

In Houston, just like in other cities, there are different businesses that offer office furniture liquidation. It is important, therefore, that you approach hiring carefully to avoid failing into the hands of those that won’t give you the experience you desire. Here, we will discuss how you can find reliable office furniture liquidators in Houston.


Search Online For Relevant Businesses

The internet has made it a lot easier to find businesses around us. It is easier for individuals in Houston TX to find relevant businesses near them offering whatever services they want. Though you can enquire from those you trust about the office furniture liquidators in Houston, going online and investigating thoroughly will yield better results. By simply doing a Google search, you will find several businesses that offer furniture liquidation services in Houston. Most of these businesses have websites and it is important that you go through their websites to learn more about them.

If you are interested in a reliable liquidator, you shouldn’t just pick any random business. It is important that you consider different businesses before picking the one to work with. List a good number of the businesses that popped up in your search result and dig deeper by browsing through their websites. Check the history of the business and those running it.

Consider the Range Of Services Offered By the Businesses

It is important that you consider the range of services offered by the office furniture liquidators in Houston you are considering to work with. Most of the businesses you will find are likely to offer a range of other office-solution services in addition to office furniture liquidation. It is better to work with such businesses since you may need other services too.

While looking at the range of services offered by the different businesses you are considering, take care to note the business that offers other services you need. If you are relocating, for instance, it is likely that you will also buy new furniture and move some important items to your new location. Find a business that also sell new and used office furniture and offers commercial moving and relocation service. This is only an example; consider other services you need and work with a company that offers them in addition to furniture liquidation.

Consider the Kinds of Clients the Business Works With

It is important that you consider the type of clients your prospective office furniture liquidators in Houston work with. If you are a big business and choose a business that handles furniture liquidation and office solution services to small businesses, you risk encountering some difficulties along the road. If, on the other hand, you are a small business and choose a business that works with big businesses only, you will likely pay more than you should have paid if you chose a business that works with businesses of your kind.

There are several office furniture liquidators in Houston that cater for a wide spectrum of clientele. Look through the website of each company to see if they specified the sorts of businesses they work with. If this is not specified, enquire from them directly before deciding to choose them. This can influence your experience more than you can imagine.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For References and Follow Them Up

It is important that you get some references from your prospective office furniture liquidators before entrusting your project into their hands. It is also important that you follow these references up to have an idea of what to expect when you work with the company. No matter the size of the business you are considering, do not be afraid to ask them for references. Confident companies will readily give you references and encourage you to contact them.

When you eventually contact the references given to you, it is important that you ask relevant questions. Find out from them how committed the liquidators were and how they handled other relevant services. Ask about their overall experience and ask if they will recommend them to you.

Look For Online Reviews

It is not okay to base your decision only on the recommendations from the references you were given. You can find out more about the company you intend to work with by reading online reviews provided by their previous customers. Do not consider only the reviews featured in their websites. You can head to third-party review websites like Yelp to see what those that have used their services in the past are saying about them. Avoid any company with lots of negative reviews. Also, read the reviews to see the positive things about each company and their failings too.

When you need office liquidation services in Houston, it is important that you work with a reliable company. We have discussed some of the most important things you need to do to choose a reliable company here. Follow the tips and you will have a better experience.


Choose Us for Your Office Furniture Liquidation in Houston

Are you planning to liquidate your old and unused office furniture in Houston? Contact us today at Clear Choice Office Solutions. Our services are affordable, reliable, and detailed. You can always count on us to safely and efficiently liquidate your old and unused office furniture.

Our expert team will be available to speak with you to discuss the office furniture liquidation options available to you. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. We are one of the best office furniture liquidators in Houston that always guarantee excellent and unparalleled services. An enjoyable liquidation experience awaits you.


Buying Office Furniture in Houston, Texas

When it comes to a productive office, everything matters. The office furniture, for instance, is an integral part of the office. It will determine the level of comfort everyone in your organization enjoys as well as the impression you will make in the eyes of partners, clients and/or customers. Choosing the right office furniture in Houston, Texas, is, therefore, as important as picking out the right office space in the city.

Whether you are buying furniture for a brand new office in Houston, Texas, or you intend to revamp an existing office in the city, there are some factors you need to keep in mind. These are the factors that will ensure that the new furniture will not only make your office look good but will bring positive impact in different aspects of your business.

Prioritize the Needs of Those That Will Use the Furniture 

This is the number one thing to do. The needs of the individuals that are going to make use of the office furniture should come before any other consideration. This is most important when you are designing a new office. Consider the roles of the different people that need the furniture and look for the furniture that will meet their needs.

Depending on the nature of your business, it may be important to buy desks with cubicle dividers to keep each person focused on their individual tasks. In instances where your employees need to communicate and collaborate, a café-like atmosphere with huge table and few chairs may be more ideal. It is only when the specific needs of the users are considered and met that your furniture can help to improve workplace productivity.

Consider the Office Space and Be Certain Of the Dimensions

You don’t need to be told that you need furniture that are proportionate in size to your office space. When you have office furniture that are too bulky, a good amount of your office space will be taken and this will limit movement and freedom within the office. It will also have a negative impact on the overall appearance of your office space: a cramped office can never be aesthetically appealing.

You may feel you can always pick out the right sizes of furniture even when you don’t measure things out. This doesn’t work for many that try. Before you go all out to buy office furniture in Houston, make sure you measure and plan the floor layout. Keep it in mind too that the desks and chairs are not the only items that will come into the office space. When you are certain of the dimensions and have everything planned out, you will avoid so many hassles.

Consider Employees’ Comfort

While it is important to get furniture that will fit into your office space, it is also critical that you get office furniture that guarantees comfort. You don’t want your employees to be uncomfortable in the workspace. Since they will be spending the bulk of their office hours using the furniture, they need to be comfortable enough. If they are comfortable, you can expect a happy and productive workforce. If they are uncomfortable, performance and workplace morale will be negatively affected.

For office furniture that will guarantee employees’ comfort, look for the ones that are ergonomically designed. There should be enough leg space for every employee and the feel of the furniture must be nice. It will be helpful too if the chairs are adjustable to suit the height and size of different employees without compromising comfort.

Consider Adaptability of the Furniture

Buying office furniture is always a meaningful investment and you don’t want to be back in the market in search of new furniture after a little while. In our fast-paced world and business environment, businesses need to adapt to new technology from time to time. This means your office setting and layout may need to change a little bit from time to time. You need office furniture that can be reconfigured with ease to adapt to new demands in the workspace.

While considering adaptability, you need to assess your business and the future of your office. If there are chances that more employees will be joining in the near future or you may need more machines than human in the near future, plan accordingly and invest in office furniture that can be easily reconfigured for the foreseen changes without total overhaul.

Consider the Overall Appearance and Brand Identity

Your office has to look great: this will inspire you and your workforce to feel great and reach for greater goals. It should also have something to say about your brand.  While this can have a remarkable impact on the attitude of your workforce, it will be most important when you host stakeholders in your office.

When planning your office furniture, consider the existing color scheme, fixtures and layout. Consider the walls, blinds or curtains also. It is always best when everything in your office is in agreement with your brand identity in terms of appearance.

Cleanliness and Ease of Use

Cleanliness in the office space is another important factor that is hardly talked about when it is time to buy furniture. Many do not consider that the type of office furniture they purchase will influence how clean and tidy their office space looks. The type of material your office furniture is designed with matters a lot. A material that shows stain is not always the best option if you love your office to be neat at all times. It is also important that you buy office furniture that are easy to clean and maintain.

Consider Your Budget

While all the factors discussed above are very important, the type of office furniture you will eventually end up with will be significantly influenced by your budget. You need to start by listing everything you need and the quantities. Get approximate prices for the required furniture and work out a budget. Also make provisions for anything you might forget. Shop around, there are always great deals to discover. It is important, however, that you do not choose price over quality.

Buying office furniture in Houston, Texas can be a daunting task. When approached the right way with timely planning, it will not be too challenging. The tips above can also help you to succeed and get the right furniture that will have the needed positive impact on your business.

Choose Clear Choice Office Solutions for Your Office Furniture in Houston, Texas

At Clear Choice Office Solutions, we specialized in providing excellent, top class, office furniture solutions. For several years now, we have been recognized to offer a wide variety of office furniture for several clients all over Houston, Texas, and nearby cities.

Our services are well-detailed and highly professional. We can design and build to your exact specifications. Our Texas showroom features all high-quality pieces of furniture, including chairs, tables, cubicles, cabinets, by the top manufactures likes Herman Miller, Steelcase, Allsteel, HON, KNOLL, and Teknion, all that can make your office look sophisticated and stylish.

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Buying Office Chairs in Houston, Texas

Every work area needs an office chair. Whether it is a professional office space, a home office, or even if it’s a small work desk, a chair can provide you the comfort you need to be more efficient and productive at your work. Due to this, it is very important to buy quality office chairs in Houston, Texas, that will serve you excellently.

A good office chair should provide adequate lumbar and pelvic support. This will help you achieve a better sitting posture, less fatigue, and improved comfort. However, buying a chair is a huge decision. There are lots of factors you need to put into consideration before making your final decision. If you understand user requirements as well as the available chair features, you will be able to choose the ideal office chair.

Clear Choice Office Solutions, your reliable provider of high-quality office chairs in Houston, Texas, brings you a step-by-step guide to help you buy the ideal office chair.

Determine Your Office Chair Needs

Before buying the office chair, the first thing to put into consideration is your needs. Office chairs come in a wide range of sizes and styles ranging from luxurious executive chairs to armless stools. Take a look at your office space to see the individuals that will be making use of the chair as well as the kind of work they do.

For a home office, a basic chair with backrest and adjustable seat-height is perfect. You don’t need something complex since you will only be using the chair for only a couple of hours weekly. However, if the chair will be for employees that will spend between 8 and 10 hours daily at their computers, ergonomic chairs personalized to suit their work habits will be more appropriate.

Choose Chairs with Cushion

To help improve employee efficiency and productivity, the ultimate level of comfort is essential. Chairs with cushions are perfect to provide the needed level of comfort. The soft padding and upholstery materials will offer adequate support for the user’s seat and back.

In addition, the cushion chairs also feature lumbar supports that will reinforce the natural shape of the human spine. This will help relieve lower back stress. The contoured part of the seat will support the legs of the user without blocking circulation. All these will make the user comfortable, thus, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Purchase Chairs with Adjustable Seating

Most office chairs have a wide range of positional controls to accommodate individuals of different physique. The office chairs also feature 360-degree swivel bases that enhance freedom of movement. The chair should also have controls to lower or raise the seat to fit the height of the user.

In addition, users that spend several hours working on the keyboard can opt for chairs with armrests. This will help relieve their shoulder and reduce wrist fatigue. It will also reduce the risk of stress-related injuries.

Hence, ensure that you opt for adjustable chairs. These kind of chairs feature backrest height and angle controls, as well as the seat depth adjustments. This makes it possible for the chair to accommodate different individuals with different body types, height, and varied postures.

Choose Chairs with Backrest

When buying office chairs, it is also important to choose the seat with the right backrest. The majority of office chairs usually feature one of the three styles of the backrest – small, mid-height, and high backrest. Task chairs feature small backs that help support the lower back. They are suited for users that need to access file cabinets as they allow freedom of movement.

What’s more, most ergonomic desk chairs feature mid-height backrests to provide extra back support for users. They are more suited for employees that spend several hours working. Executive chairs feature high backrests to support both the back and shoulders. Some models also feature headrests for added comfort.

Available Space

In addition, it is also important to consider the available space. An armless task chair will not be suitable for an executive office. However, it will be the ideal chair for a reception area that has limited space. Also, the chair must not take up too much space in the office. There should be enough space left to enable free movement.


Lastly, when buying office chairs, it is advisable to purchase office chairs that encourage mobility. These kind of chairs feature casters which enable the user to move and reach drawers or files without any need to stand up. A high-quality office chair will have five equally spaced casters to ensure that the chair is stable when seated upon. However, if your office space has carpet or hardwood finishing, you can use a chair mat to protect the floors.

There you have it! Above are some of the things you need to consider when buying office chairs. Once you understand your needs and the available space in your office, you will be able to make a more informed purchasing decision.

Nonetheless, ensure that you choose an office chair that can be easily adjusted and will accommodate different types of body types and sitting posture. With this, you can improve productivity, efficiency, and comfort, while reducing the risk of stress-related injuries.

Let Clear CHoice Office SOlutions Supply You Quality Office Chairs in Houston, Texas

Whenever you are in search of affordable, quality, durable office chairs in Houston, Texas, always turn to Clear Choice Office Solutions. We have a wide selection and variety of office chairs that feature different styles, sizes, and designs.  Notwithstanding your preference, office setting, or budget, we have the ideal office chair for you.

Above all, our office chairs are sourced from some of the leading brands and chair manufacturers including Herman Miller Aeron Chairs, Zody Chairs from Haworth, Steelcase Leap Chairs, and so forth. Our Houston, Texas showroom features a wide range of office chairs such as conference chairs, guest chairs, task chairs, lounge seating, and lots more. With our high-quality office chairs, you can be assured that your office seating needs are well catered for.

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Conference Tables – Size & Seating

The conference room is an essential part of every business establishment. This is where clients, partners, or associates meet to discuss business propositions, make presentations, and how to move the organization forward. As a result, it is vital to fit your conference room with unique pieces of furniture that will elevate the place.

Conference Tables Size Seating

Choosing the Ideal Conference Table

One of the most important furniture in the conference room is the conference table. Having a professional and sophisticated conference table in your conference room will play a huge part in the success of your business. However, there are a lot of things to put into consideration when choosing the ideal conference table. Some of them include:

Frequency of Use

A primary factor to consider when choosing your conference table is the frequency of use. How predominately will your conference room or boardroom be used? What caliber of people will use the room or table? How many people will use it regularly? While a long solid wood conference table will be an ideal option for business meetings and discussions, modular conference tables are perfect for training purposes.

Size of the Room

Another thing to consider is the size of the conference room or boardroom. Here, it is important to understand that the table will be the focal point of the room. Hence, to ensure that the table fits perfectly, not too big or small, take an accurate measurement of the room. With this, you can get a table that uniformly fills the center of the conference room. However, ensure that you take into account other equipment that will fit into the conference room. These include presentation easel, credenza, lectern, audiovisual cart, projection screen, and so forth.

Size of Conference Table

Conference tables are usually about 60 inches wide and approximately 24 inches deep. The majority of manufacturers will offer your business the same style of tables. Although, the width, colors, and finishes may vary. Thus, offering you the opportunity to customize the table based on your preference or business needs. Below is a size/seating capacity chart to give you an idea of the various room size, conference table size, and amount of people that will sit at the table.

Conference Table SizeMinimum Room SizeOptimum Room SizeSeating Capacity
60″ W x 30″ D13′ L x 12′ W15.5′ L x 13′ W4 – 6
72″ W x 48″ D14′ L x 12′ W15.5′ L x 13′ W4 – 6
84″ W x 48″ D15′ L x 12′ W16.5′ L x 13′ W4 – 6
96″ W x 48″ D16′ L x 12′ W17.5′ L x 13′ W6 – 8
120″ W x 48″ D18′ L x 12′ W19.5′ L x 13′ W8 – 10
144″ W x 48″ D20′ L x 12′ W21.5′ L x 13′ W10 – 12
150″ W x 48″ D21′ L x 12′ W22.5′ L x 14′ W10 – 12
168″ W x 58″ D22′ L x 13′ W23.5′ L x 14′ W12 – 14
180″ W x 58″ D23′ L x 13′ W24.5′ L x 14′ W12 – 14
192″ W x 58″ D24′ L x 13′ W25.5′ L x 14′ W14 – 16
240″ W x 58″ D28′ L x 13′ W29.5′ L x 14′ W18 – 20
288″ W x 58″ D32′ L x 13′ W33.5′ L x 14′ W22 – 24

Types of Conference Table

Conference tables are usually designed with different shapes. The various kinds of conference tables you can get for your boardroom include:

Rectangular Conference Tables

Rectangular conference tables remain one of the most functional and classic choices for any conference or boardroom. These rectangular conference tables feature table tops with a basic flat shape. Thus, making the work surface suitable for both meetings and employee trainings. What’s more, you can join together the rectangular conference tables to form a multi-segmented conference table. With this, you can easily customize the table depending on your business needs or your conference room’s size.

Rectangle Table Size Seating Chart

 Boat Shaped Conference Tables

These kinds of conference tables feature convex sides with rounded corners and tapered ends. The slight curve at the tabletop helps the boat-shaped conference table achieve a sophisticated and classy design. These types of tables are perfect for conference rooms that will be used for visual presentations and video conferences.

Boat Shaped Conference Tables

Racetrack or Oval Conference Tables

These tables feature rounded edges and sleek lines, thus, making them appealing to the eye. They often feature a wide range of sizes and finishes. Hence, you can choose one that fits your conference room flawlessly.

Racetrack Conference Table Seating Chart

Octagonal Conference Tables

These kind of conference tables are available in both rectangular and rounded shapes. For businesses with smaller spaces, round octagonal conference tables are the ideal option. However, if you have a larger conference room, rectangular octagonal conference table is perfect to achieve the obvious visual impact you always desired.

Round Conference Table

Also referred to as circular conference tables, round conference tables are is perfect for small or moderate boardrooms. A circular conference table can provide enough room for everyone while creating a tranquil and more cordial feel to a meeting.

Round Conference Table Capacity

How Do You Plan Your Conference Room

After selecting the ideal conference table, it is important to plan the boardroom. This will help you position the other conference room furniture appropriately. Here are some tips to help you plan your conference room.

  • When placing the chairs around the conference table, allocate about 30” for each chair.
  • Leave a space of between 48” and 56” between your conference table and the wall.
  • Also, leave about 60” between your conference table and the wall.
  • Leave approximately 24” between the back of the chair and the wall. This will help you walk easily without any need to turn sideways.
  • If you are using the conference room for visual presentations, leave about 56” between the conference table and the visual display board or easel.
  • Lastly, there should be about 30” of free space between the head of the table and the presentation board. This will enable the person presenting to stand and move freely.

For more information about conference table sizes, seating arrangement, and planning, get in touch with us today at Clear Choice Office Solutions. Our experts will be available to speak with you and discuss your options. We will recommend the ideal conference table size that will serve your business meeting needs exceptionally and make your boardroom look stunning. A trial will absolutely convince you.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Herman Miller Resolve

Adding elegance and comfort to an office is one of the top priorities of business organizations. Aside from this, businesses try as hard as possible to create a working environment, which the employees are familiar to. Employees are likely to become more productive when working under a comfortable and familiar ambiance.

Herman Miller Resolve

The Herman Miller Resolve is a human-centered system whereby the workstation is fashioned naturally to enable employees to come and work naturally in the office. This type of office setting imitates the natural world of the workers and offers them a soothing environment to work in. The people feel relaxed and connected working under welcoming, space efficient and innovative Herman Miller workstations.

Herman Miller Resolve does not only create comfort at your workplace but adds flexibility highlighting the forward-thinking nature of the business organization. The number of workstations, theme, style of office, the spatial angles and the floor plans will be taken into account when offering you a Herman Miller resolve.

There are Herman Miller resolve used office furniture that you can purchase to enable you to add elegance to your workstations. These pieces of furniture come refurbished, cheap and durable to enhance the look and comfort of the workplace.

Herman Miller Resolve Cubicles

For many businesses especially start-ups, Herman Miller used cubicles is there best bet. At Herman Miller, there is an abundance of top quality cubicles. The cubicles adapt to emerging needs and changes. The Herman Miller Resolve used cubicles are one way to engage the aesthetics of your workstations and save money and reduce carbon footprints, making the environment safe. The Herman Miller used cubicles is one of the most selling cubicles due to the flexibility it adds to workstations and its high quality. They come in different designs, shapes, and colors.

Herman Miller Resolve

Herman Miller Workstations

Herman Miller Workstations are functional and very easy to install. The workstation is configured and reconfigured to be made easily adaptable to the changing needs at the workplace. The workstations are configured to dovetail to the office landscape, worker’s natural preference and level of privacy. The workstations will be created based on Herman Miller’s innovation and senior craftsmanship. Some of the workstation styles that will install in your office include:

  • Traditional cubicles
  • Benching solutions and collaborative spaces
  • Work surface support panels
  • Back-to-back workstations and many more

You will be able to find Herman Miller new, pre-owned and refurbished furniture conditions that will suit your budget and need.

Herman Miller Resolve Layout

Each business organization believes that a particular visual layout will enable the workers to be more productive. The Herman Miller Resolve layouts studio is a modifiable solution that can help businesses to blend into the ever-changing needs of individuals and people. The layout aims at adding comfort, increasing the environmental safety, induces flexibility and increase choices and the dynamic nature of the landscape inspiring employees to do more work. The Herman Miller design plan is made to improve you and meet your budget.

Tips on How to Choose Herman Miller Resolve

In most business settings, the workforce is unhappy and uncomfortable while working and this can be attributed to the office accessories and desk setup. Productivity can be improved by personalizing the workspace, making it ergonomic and intelligently styled. The type of furniture that you choose for your office should not be based on the size of your budget or the aesthetics but the type that will offer you the best comfort as possible.

Here are tips on how to choose the perfect Herman Miller resolve that will add comfort and maximize productivity at a place of work.

Determine the Office Space

One of the mistakes that people make is not measuring their office space before ordering for a Herman Miller resolve. Measuring the office space allows you to determine the correct size of office furniture that will fit the workstations. If an office furniture cannot fit the door, it becomes difficult to be brought inside not to talk of fitting the walls and spaces. Prior to buying Herman Miller used office furniture, it is essential to take a correct measurement of the spaces around your office. This will save you time and lots of resources.

Choose What You Need

Some businesses buy office furniture because it looks nice and they consider it a mere decorative tool. If you buy office furniture because it appears fancy, sooner or later you are going to regret this decision. You should buy used office furniture that is functional rather than because of its appealing looks.  Buy Herman Miller resolve that will only attend to your needs. It is of no use to buy a desk without drawers when you have large files that require storage. Even if the office furniture is not visually appealing, find the perfect Herman Miller resolve that will offer you solutions.

Style of Furniture Matters

Regardless of the function of the furniture you intend to buy, it is important to keep the style of it in mind during purchase. The style of design of the furniture should reflect the sort of business you are running. You should not buy an antiquated office furniture in a bid to cut costs or because you are eyeing solely on the functionality. The appearance of the office furniture can make or mar the appearance of a workstation. A modern styled can add elegance and improve the mood around the workplace.

Plan Ahead

It is important to make plans of what you intend to do with space in an office in the future. Some people think of the furniture they need without considering what their future needs will be. For example, some offices will need a larger space in the office than presently and still go for a large desk. They end up buying a smaller desk in the future and spending more money. In order to avoid spending more money in the long run, you have to consider what your future needs will be before buying a Herman Miller used office furniture.

Choose the Right Chair

The chair that you should choose when buying Herman Miller office furniture should provide you with comfort and adjustable to meet your needs. When choosing a chair go for one that will be ideal for your height, weight and office setting. If you are short, go for a chair, that has enough height and if you have a heavyweight, you should go for a chair that can carry you without damaging.

The chair that you should choose should blend with the paint color of the office as well as other decorative elements. Do not go for a chair that will make you spend more than you bargained for.

Work with a Professional

You might not be able to get the office space measurement, the right chair and more correctly. The best you can do is to work with an office-planning specialist. A professional and dedicated office-planning specialist will listen to your needs and seek options to create an office ambiance that is comfortable and increases productivity.

Ensure that the office-planning specialist is licensed, reliable and credible before hiring. The person should have talent, credentials, and knowledge about the field. This way you will avoid hiring an unprofessional office planner that will incur costs for you at the end of the day.

Check Your Budget

Herman Miller resolve has a varying range of office furniture. There are premium and refurbished furniture. Depending on your budget, you can go for any. For start-ups, it is best to go for Herman Miller used furniture. They are refurbished such that the structure and aesthetics are still intact and appear new. You will be able to save enough money and invest them in other areas of the business. Already established businesses can opt for new Herman Miller resolve and spruce up their office interior, taking the looks to the next level.


The comfort of the employees should be at the top of your priority list when choosing a Herman Miller resolve. Your team is likely to be less productive if you equip their workstation with office furniture that does not match their preference. For example of an employee wants privacy and less noise but is working in an open area cubicle there is no way he/she will not feel agitated. It is best to find out how they want their workstation before you choose a Herman Miller to resolve. You can install used crucibles that have high height and soundproof to offer them their personal preference and increase productivity. Huge Herman Miller resolve layouts will boost your team’s morale.

Environmental Safety

Environmental safety should be considered when choosing a Herman Miller resolve. The material the office furniture is made of should be known to determine how safe it is. The office furniture should be easy to clean in order to promote hygiene. Herman Miller used office furniture is easy to clean.

For every business pieces of office furniture is one of the ways to make the brand appear professional and motivate the team to be more productive. Herman Miller cubicles and furniture are flexible and of high quality to guarantee you of the sprucing up of your office.

Herman Miller resolve layouts are designed to offer people inspiring design to choose and enhance the way they want to work. It revels in bright and personal touches that depict the future of the organization. There is a huge selection of used office furniture that is easy and affordable.

Herman Miller is an American company that produces office furniture, home furnishings, and equipment based in Michigan Zeeland.

Let Us Supply You with Top Class Herman Miller Resolve

At Clear Choice Office Solutions, your comfort as well as the comfort of your employee is very important to us. We specialize in providing new and used office furniture including desks, chairs, storage, cubicles, and lots more to individuals, businesses, and companies in Houston, Texas, and nearby communities.

We offer a wide range of high quality used office furniture in Houston and across the country including Herman Miller resolve that provides a comfortable, soothing, and encouraging environment for your employees to operate and collaborate. Our Herman Miller resolve workstations are guaranteed to increase productivity and efficiency of your workforce.

Above all, all our new and used Herman Miller cubicles and workstations are made from superior quality materials. They are highly durable and are guaranteed to serve all your office needs for a long time. We offer you workstations and cubicles featuring different design, styles, or color. Irrespective of your budget, office needs, or preference, we have the ideal Herman Miller resolve for you. These workstations and cubicles are guaranteed to give your workspace the fascinating, sophisticated, modern office look you always desired.

Contact Us Today!

Are you in search of the perfect Herman Miller resolve workstations for your office? Contact us today at Clear Choice Office Solutions. Our professional team will be available to speak with you and discuss your options. We will provide appropriate answers to your questions and concerns to the best of our knowledge. An amazing experience awaits you.


The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Used Cubicles in Houston

Buying and installing office furniture is one of the ways of increasing the aesthetics of the workplace. It also help in making the workspace more conducive and appealing. Purchasing cubicles can also enhance the comfort and the productivity amongst the workforce. At times, your business establishment can be short of funds to purchase new cubicles. Hence, you inevitably forced to resort to purchasing used cubicles in Houston.

used cubicles in Houston

Purchasing used office furniture in Houston for your office does not only save you money but adds brilliance to your office. Many people balk at buying pre-owned cubicles in Houston because they think the word “pre-owned” is associated with structural and aesthetic damages. A used cubicle is also refurbished cubicles that are made to appear new again. Refurbished cubicles are cubicles whose structures and appearances have been modified.

If you are just starting a business you can begin with purchasing used cubicles as a way to save money that will be used in other areas of the business.

Advantages of Buying Used Cubicles Houston

Many offices dread on buying used pre-owned cubicles Houston obviously because they do not know the benefits. Probably, you might be able to change your mind after going through the advantages of buying used office cubicles.


Purchasing used cubicles in Houston is the easiest and quickest way of enhancing and transforming your workstation. They are already cut and pre-designed thereby making installation quick and easy. The costs that are associated with the cutting and designing of new cubicles is easily evaded by buying used cubicles.


Used Steelcase cubicles have been used and therefore strong enough to be refurbished and resold. This fact is enough proof that used cubicles will serve you for a very long time at your workstation.

Top Condition

Used cubicles, as some quarters perceive are not structurally and aesthetically deteriorated. It is even difficult to differentiate between a new and a used cubicle as the former is refurbished to retain the structure and new looks.

Delivery is Faster

While furnishing your office, you might have to wait for weeks before you get the new cubicle that you purchased. This may take weeks or even months. Purchased pre-owned office cubicles Houston are made available to the buyers around forty-eight hours or less.

Environmentally Friendly

Quality office cubicles that are used which are disposed of are sent to the landfills where they are used by industries thereby creating more carbon footprint. By buying used cubicles, you are preventing them from getting into the hands of manufacturers who utilize them to produce many products thereby polluting the environment in the processes. Purchasing a used cubicle in your workplace can be a way of making the working environment safe for your employees.

Customize your Cubicle

Used Herman Miller cubicles allow you to furnish your workstations according to your preference. You can change the hinges, change the handles and repaint them to the color of your choice. Most cubicles come with vintage appearances. You can add this effect to your office to add some character.

Tips for Purchasing Used Cubicles in Houston

Buying pre-owned cubicles Houston is an arduous process. It requires extremely keeping your ears to the ground to avoid being on the market soon searching for a new cubicle to buy. But it can be very easy once you have all the processes to buy one at your fingertips.

Here in Houston, before you are off to the market to buy used office cubicles, it will pay you more if you sit down and consider the following tips on how to purchase office used cubicles.

Measure Your Budget

Most businesses that are still in its infancy do not possess enough funds that will be used to purchase new cubicles and other running costs of the business. A new cubicle in Houston costs an arm and a leg as each one costs between $1,500 and $10,000. A used and refurbished cubicle that possess strong and durable quality can be purchased for a lesser amount. A used cubicle in Houston costs about $200 to $1,200.

By purchasing used cubicles in Houston, you can save a significant amount of money (about 80% to 90%) and your business as a whole. It means having more money to spend on employees, insurance and other accumulating costs during the course of the business.

Buy From Local Office Furniture Commercial Stores

You can search for used cubicles in local office furniture stores around. It is pointless to search for a wide for something you can find around you. Before you decide to search far, ensure that you look at every local office furniture dealer within you. This will save you from the expensive costs such as shipping fees, and the damages that are linked with buying outside your locality. You will be able to inspect the office property firsthand before purchase and even strike a better bargain.

Trust the Office Furniture Dealer

It is important to know your office furniture dealer very well. How reliable and trustworthy is this office furniture dealer? Some office furniture vendors will sell low-quality furniture using huge discounts as a smokescreen to get rid of them. Before you purchase a used cubicle from an office furniture dealer, you should carry out an extensive investigation about them. Before you buy from them, determine the followings;

  • Will I be given a discount after purchasing in bulk
  • How long does it take to deliver the purchased office used cubicles
  • Are there any warranty that will cover any damage done to the office properties during delivery
  • Will I be refunded or compensated if any defect is detected upon delivery

You can visit an office furniture directory to make a research about the dealer or simply ask friends.

Visit Other Stores and Compare Prices

Do not pay immediately once you have found the use cubicle that you are looking for in a particular store. The quote of the used office cubicles made to you may seem reasonable whereas there are other stores that will offer you the same quality of used cubicles for a lesser cost. Visit different stores, find out their quotes and compare before you purchase.

Read Terms and Conditions Very Well

A credible and reliable used office furniture Houston dealer will read and explain the terms and conditions binding a purchase to you. Some terms and conditions may not be favorable to you and become a problem in the long run. You should be careful to read the terms, conditions, and ensure that they augur well with you in the buying process. The policies should be written in clear terms and made easy to comprehend.

Buy From a Supporting Vendor

Some office furniture vendor will be quick to offer you a warranty and fail to live up to their words when the need arises. They will be attentive to your needs during the buying process, obviously to have your money and do not care about what happens afterward.

You will be on a safer side if you should ask the vendor how you would be covered if any damage should come to the used cubicle during delivery/shipping. See if it is time-consuming to get the ordered used cubicles to your office and if there will be an alternative to make up for lapses. Find out from references and reviews about how the vendor has handled similar cases in the past. Do not go for a vendor that will forget about your order during delivery, as it may not bode well for you and your business.

Consider Safety First

While buying a used cubicle you should consider the safety of the employees. Instead of jeopardizing the safety of your employees, all in a bid to cut costs you should go for used cubicles that are still in good shape. Before you buy, the used cubicles inspect the hinges and handle to ensure that they are in good condition. This will avoid injuries at the workplace and the injury costs that follow.

Choose Value over Price

Some businesses will not hesitate to buy office furniture that has a cheap price. Everyone, of course, loves a cheap bargain but you should give equal preference to the value of the product. When buying a used cubicle, consider the cost over the life expectancy. For example, a used cubicle that is expected a short lifespan will cost less than those with a longer durability will. This means that you will soon be in the market searching for another office cubicle. It is economical to choose value over price than the other way round as this will save you money in the long run.

Evaluate the Privacy of Your Employees

Before you purchase a used office cubicle, try to evaluate the privacy needed by the employees. Cubicles come in different shapes and sizes and each of them is important in determining the level of privacy that the employees will have. If your team requires seclusion and silence, you should go for cubicles with higher walls. If the employees are more concerned about teamwork and not bothered about privacy you can go for those with open space.

The tips described above will aid you to choose the perfect used cubicle for your office. Purchasing used cubicles in Houston requires creating a checklist. You do not just have to walk into the market and buy whatever office furniture you see. Once you are in the market you should be able to remember and stick to them. These guidelines will aid you to circumvent wasting money and save more to enable you to run your business very well. Ensure that you choose quality over price and buy from a trusted office furniture dealer. By doing this, you will be buying quality used Herman Miller cubicles or used Steelcase cubicles for your Houston office.

Let Us Provide Your Business Establishment with Used Cubicles in Houston, TX

At Clear Choice Office Solutions, we offer superior quality products and services. Always turn to us whenever you plan on purchasing used cubicles in Houston.  We can supply your Houston office with superior quality pre-owned cubicles. We can also provide other types of used office furniture including chairs, desks, storage, and lots more.

All our used cubicles in Houston are affordable and made using high-quality, durable materials. These cubicles also features various designs, styles, and colors. Whether you want to settle for used Herman Miller cubicles or used Steelcase cubicles, we can make them available. Regardless of your choice, our office cubicles will enhance your workspace and provide your employee the ultimate comfort. These pre-owned cubicles in Houston are guaranteed to improved efficiency and productivity.

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Are you planning on purchasing used cubicles in Houston to smarten up your new office space? Contact us today at Clear Choice Office Solutions. We are in business to make your workspace look fascinating, exquisite, and classy, even when you are on a tight budget.

Our expert team will be available to speak with you to discuss your options. We will provide appropriate answers to your questions and concerns to the best of our knowledge. We serve both individuals and businesses in Houston, Texas and nearby communities. We guarantee you excellent services.